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October 22, 2013

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ASHLAND — Obamacare like the seatbelt law

Opinions are like noses: everybody has one.

 It seems to me that the big argument with our would-be leaders in Washington about Obamacare can be compared to the seatbelt law we have today all over the United States.

This law was designed and shoved down the taxpayers’ throats by greedy power-hungry politicians and law enforcement. All they had to do about seat belts was to have a law that would put the responsibility of the seatbelt on the individual, and if they did not have the seat belts on and had a wreck, then their insurance was no good on them or their car.

Money and control of the taxpayers seems to be the only way our leaders can think anymore.  They were elected to protect Americans, not persecute them, not to close down America and leave the borders open, and not to pass another law that they can fine a taxpayer for not having insurance because the insurance company had just raised the price until they cannot afford it.

 Cliff Barker, Morehead

Extension clubs rich in volunteers

I was excited to see the article in Thursday’s paper regarding getting the volunteer agencies together with the Ashland Alliance and Mayor Chuck Charles.

This is to let them in on one of the best-kept secrets in Boyd County volunteers: The Boyd County Extension Homemakers Association!  Our nine active clubs recorded more than 27,000 hours of volunteering last year. We meet monthly for an educational lesson brought to us by the University of Kentucky along with interesting workshops. 

We have daytime and evening clubs and this year our nine clubs have joined together to decorate the Highlands Museum for the Christmas season.  We are always open for new members, and welcome questions about our clubs. The extension office phone number is ( 606) 739-5184.

Ann Wiseman, secretary, Boyd County Homemakers Association

Retired teachers, active volunteers

This week, Oct. 21 through 25, has been declared Kentucky Retired Teachers Week.

There is an old joke that says retired teachers don’t die, they just lose their class! Well, after losing their class, most Kentucky retired teachers are actively participating in many different fields of work and volunteering. Kentucky’s retired educators are among our community’s most tireless volunteers.

Statewide, they have logged more than 720,000 hours of community service in the past year that is worth more than $1.75 million. Locally,  members of the Boyd County Retired Teachers Association (from Ashland, Fairview and Boyd County systems) also have contributed cleaning supplies to Clean Start and CAReS, nonperishable food to the Community Kitchen and school supplies to the Family Resource Centers.

These men and women cared about our students and community when they were active educators and that caring hasn’t stopped with retirement. Share a smile with a retired teacher this week. That is all the reward they need!

                                      Jean Fraley, BCRTA, Ashland

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