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October 23, 2012

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ASHLAND — Nation has turned its back on God

Our nation has turned its back on God and His Word, and we’re paying the price, and it may get much worse.

When I was younger, people were ashamed of their sins and tried to hide them, but today, sinners want to put them right in your face, and in the face of God.

Over the last forty years, millions of unborn children have been killed in the womb. They call this killing “pro-choice.”

And now, the abominations in our land have increased to include homosexual marriages taking place between two men or two women, and worse, these abominations before God are being enthusiastically supported by the current resident of our White House, as well as in the platform of one of our major political parties. 

 It's time for God's people to wake up, stand up, and boldly speak up, then, get down on our knees and pray for forgiveness for being AWOL for too long!

Winston Morris, Ashland

Women’s choice: Binders or jobs?

Hiring women became a hot topic in the last presidential debate.

Women, on what do you focus from watching this debate?  Is it binders?  Resumes might have been in binders 10 years ago, but they are in computer files today. You may want to focus on the following.

Women have lost over one half million jobs during Obama’s term.  A job may have health care benefits for you and your family. It may also provide you security and the money to purchase contraceptive medicine if you choose.

Governor Romney’s record in Massachusetts showed that he placed more qualified women in his state’s government than any other state in America.  As President Romney, he can put vastly more women back to work.

What is your focus?  Is it binders or jobs?

Ken Whiteley, Louisville

Money dominates this election

Over the years, conservative Republicans criticized Democrats for proposing more money for needed education and social programs by saying, “Just throwing money at the problems doesn’t solve them."

Yet, Republicans and the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, who gave us Citizens United, are all-for throwing unlimited millions of dollars into defeating their political foes running to serve the people via government.

It is ironic the more money we throw into political campaigns, the more corrupt politicians, corrupt government, and corrupt society we get in return. Money cannot buy honesty, integrity, compassion, love of neighbor, community and generosity. Too often it is used to help elect dishonest, uncaring, selfish politicians who are in politics for themselves and the special interests they represent. “Common good” is not part of their vocabulary or active involvement.

As long as insane, unlimited money in politics is the rule, inharmonious discord (gridlock) in Congress will be the result.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr., Louisville

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