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October 11, 2012

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ASHLAND — Consolidation has failed in Greenup

Many older folks in Greenup County are concerned about the quality of education our students are receiving at our high school. Some, including me, believe the consolidation of high schools in a mostly rural county could not serve the needs of many of our students. That may be because some of us older folks came from one-room grade schools and later attended one of three high schools in the county — Wurtland, Greenup and McKell.

  Today, I had a long discussion about this issue with Dr. Ed Lowdenback, a former principal in Greenup County, who went on to head up school systems across Kentucky. His father, Cliff Lowdenback, was the superintendent of Greenup County schools when we were forced into consolidation.

I had many discussions in my home with Cliff and his associate, Leo Floyd, about the pros and cons of consolidation. All three of us agreed at the time it was not in the best interest of rural students, and moving the new high school as far away from the others as possible would also help destroy the educational spirit and hands-on support of the three communities where the old schools were revered.

Dr. Lowdenback, who can speak with authority about the pros and cons of consolation of schools in rural counties, agrees with the concerns of myself and some older students or graduates of the three high schools, that Greenup County should strongly consider the construction of at least two new high schools in the county, one near South Shore and one near the combined communities of Greenup and Wurtland. 

Consolidations of schools were an experiment that was forced on many counties in Kentucky. It may have worked elsewhere, but I’m convinced it’s not the right fit for Greenup County.

 Soc Clay,  South Shore

Paul’s wise idea rejected by Senate

Late last month Sen. Rand Paul forced a vote in the U.S. Senate on his legislation to stop foreign aid to the belligerent countries of Egypt, Pakistan and Libya. The final vote was 81-10 to defeat Senator Paul’s effort and to keep the hard-earned American tax dollars flowing to these countries.

What is wrong with these 81 U.S. senators? The countries in question are openly hostile to America and even tortured and killed our ambassador to Libya. The perpetrators drag Americans through their streets and kill them and the United States Senate rewards these countries with more and more foreign aid?

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s no vote is especially despicable and will not be forgotten.

Nick Bell, Covington

Will T. Scott is honorable leader

I’m worried about the state of our nation. I’m fearful for my children’s future. Every day “pop culture” mocks our country’s history and the values America was founded on.

We do have some honorable leaders in our commonwealth. One is Justice Will T. Scott of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

 Justice Scott is a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam. He is a man of honor, courage and commitment. He is a man who takes his oath seriously and has shown he will stand strong while under fire. He maintains that warrior spirit as he continues to serve our country and our commonwealth.

We need more public servants like him. We need to pray for them and encourage them. We also need to vote. Not voting is an insult to those who paid the price for our right to vote.

Angie Ballou