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October 31, 2012

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ASHLAND — Alcohol sales will help riverfront

The idea alcohol sales at riverfront concerts will bring “sorrow, suffering, pain and poverty” rings with as much truth as the notion the best way to deal with a mouse in your kitchen is to burn your home down.

If Ashland does not revitalize its downtown, the tax base providing a riverfront to be proud of will continue to shrink and eventually the riverfront will be in disrepair and concerts no longer there. This is not a subject needing a book to discuss it adequately.

How do we increase the business viability of our downtown? Shoppers need a reason to drive past the malls and Walmart and come downtown.

 It has been suggested restaurants are the key to bringing this about, but our outdated alcohol regulations make our downtown less attractive than both Huntington and Ironton to these cornerstone businesses, and businesses go where they can maximize profits with a minimum of regulatory obstacles.

Help reopen our downtown for business. Help bring in revenues to maintain and expand law enforcement and civic services. Support those candidates with realistic views on alcohol sales and the economic benefits for our community.

Ashley Morgan, Ashland

Romney far from being selfish

Referring to the recent letter accusing Mitt Romney of being selfish as well as beating him up for being wealthy, the facts do not bear this out.

A Washington Post story on Jan. 25 reported Romney paid in taxes and charity 42 percent of his income. Some articles have it much higher, but I reference the Post because it acts as the propaganda arm of the DNC. Further, the story states half of U.S. households pay no federal taxes; the average American pays 8.2 percent.

Not a single line of his tax return has ever been challenged, the story reported, and he has strictly complied with the tax code. Like him or not, he has paid all required of him by the law and has given voluntarily far more to charity than most. 

Romney gave his inheritance to charity and has earned his present fortune.

Mike Malone, Grayson