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October 7, 2012

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ASHLAND — U.S. gives our taxes to Vietnam

 Many Americans don’t know this but in August the United States (us) gave Vietnam $49 million of our taxpayers’ money to help clean up Agent Orange pollution. The total cost to the U.S. is expected to be $450 million. The process is to dig up the contaminated soil, put it in ovens and heat it until the Agent Orange is gone and then put the soil back.

This cannot be done. I saw a lot of the Agent Orange applied and most of the area is completely inaccessible to any heavy equipment. The Vietnamese are not going to put shovels full of dirt into ovens and bake away the Agent Orange. Think about it. It would take a million years, and it is not going to be done.

Where will the $450 million of your tax money go? It will go into the pockets of crooked contractors and crooked Vietnamese officials.

According to the Christian Science Monitor: “This is a goodwill gesture so the U.S. can gain naval access to Cam Ranh Bay, a strategic port in Vietnam, that could help us defend our allies in Asia.” I assume that’s against communist Chinese aggression.

Gosh! A Naval base will be accompanied by Marine security and then bolstered by Army troops if trouble starts. Well ... That means we will have ground troops in Vietnam to protect the Vietnamese people from Communist aggression! Duh!

Seems like I have heard that rhetoric before under another Democrat president. Can anyone remember when? Help me out.

Randall K. McGlone, Grayson

Choosing between street and jail

It’s our taxes or else.

Tax time is just around the corner. Does this time make you feel like you have a shooting target penned on your back and that our governments — federal, state and local — have their eyes focused on the target?

Then we get this federal tax statement around the first of the year including threats and consequences of what they are going to do to us if we are late. And if we make a mistake, they are going to fine us or put us in jail. Next, we get one from the state telling us the same thing.

However, I do feel better when I get the one from the county and city. They are only going to take my home and put me on the street if I don’t pay my taxes in their allotted time limit.

I am now debating in my mind if it would be better on the street, cold and hungry, or in a warm jail with food, clothing and shelter where there would be someone to put me to bed at night and get me up in the morning to a hot breakfast, and make sure I am well protected from all these threats and government people.

Cliff Barker, Morehead

CASA seeks ‘Secret Santas’

The holidays are quickly approaching and many of us are looking forward to this time of year to spend quality time with our families and exchange gifts as part of the holiday tradition.  But for some children right here in our own community, the thought of the holidays only creates more sadness and devastation.

For children who have been removed from their homes because of child abuse and neglect, Christmas is just another painful reminder of how their family is different from most other families. While most families will be celebrating together, they will remain isolated from their immediate and even extended family members. These children will not have the opportunity to be “home for the holidays” but will instead spend the time of year reserved for families with people they know are paid to keep them in their home.

If you would like to help bring a bit of joy to their holidays, please consider signing up to become a Secret Santa. By doing so, you will be asked to purchase a (wrapped) gift between $10 and $15 in value to be presented to your sponsored child at our annual Christmas Party on Friday, Dec. 14. We will be providing gifts to approximately 100 children this holiday season and would appreciate any help to make sure it is a fun time for all who attend.

Also, please consider giving the gift of time to a child in need. Sign up for our fall training that starts Oct. 13 to become a Court-Appointed Child Advocate. Training is held at Boyd County Courthouse. Please call (606) 739-2177 for more information on becoming a Secret Santa or to complete the training.

Carol Adams, Executive director, CASA of Northeast Kentucky

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