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March 11, 2013

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ASHLAND — Is Catlettsburg a speed trap?

I have to watch in amazement each morning as I slowly navigate my way on four-lane U.S. 23 from Ashland towards the Catlettsburg city limits. Catlettsburg police are running radar and issuing tickets to the drivers of vehicles long before they reach any school zone or business area.

Yes, the speed limit is posted, and I understand that that covers the officers from any scrutiny from the legal system. Anyone who has traveled that portion of U.S. 23 would tell you that the posted speed limit is too low. Many would contend the speed limit is posted so low to catch unassuming drivers.

As I pass by those motorists at 7:30 a.m. — a time when most criminals are back home from their night of stealing our personal possessions  — I glance over and see a mother trying to get her kids to school and a young man and woman trying to get to their minimum-wage jobs.

I wonder about the focus of the officers writing those tickets. Is it to protect us from going just a few miles over the speed limit or to ruin our days by writing us a ticket and forcing us to pay a fine?

Chris Adkins, Ashland

Proud to be grad of state champs

Sometime in the early 1950s plans were made to consolidate four small high schools — Central, Kingston, Kirksville and Waco. I am proud to be from the 1958 graduating class of that consolidation, Madison Central High School.

There aren’t many folks in this area who even know where it is but, if you do and are out there reading this letter, then you share the pride I feel. Saturday night the Indians won their first state basketball tournament in the history of Madison Central High School.

In both the semifinal and final game they were behind most of three quarters, by as much as 16 points Sunday in the finals, but they came back with all the courage, competitiveness, and spirit that makes me proud to be a Madison Central alumni!

 Dr. Barbara Walters, Ashland

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