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March 10, 2013

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ASHLAND — Bible does not bar Sunday sales

I’m here in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, reading the E-edition of The Independent and see another misguided representation of what the Bible actually says.

Joyce Bibb writes in her letter of March 5 that there should be no alcohol sales on the Sabbath. Hello? The Sabbath is on Saturday, the seventh day, as prescribed by God in the Old Testament. This day has not been changed by the Jews, Muslims or Seventh Day Adventists.

From her remarks I gather she is a Protestant as Catholics have no aversion to alcohol. Further, I gather she is probably a Baptist, Methodist or Christian, as not all Protestants share her views, except Seventh Day Adventists. In her view you must ignore many major passages of the Bible, which other Protestants like Episcopalians and Presbyterians do not. They, like Catholics join with the Jews, drinking wine now, as Jesus did then.

What is more important is that Ms. Bibb’s claim that alcohol should not be sold on Sunday, “her Sabbath.” One would conclude that she has no objection (none claimed) for the sales on the Sabbath of all the other religions mentioned on Saturday. So, we know it is not about the issue of alcohol sales it is about her imposing her personal beliefs on the public as a whole, just as a majority of “Christians” did recently in Greenup County, defeating the sale of alcohol there.

I make a personal plea to those writing The Independent against alcohol sales. Please do not invoke the Bible as a basis of the sales being wrong. The Bible does not prohibit these sales. In fact the Bible brags about God giving someone vineyards but prohibits wine on the job.

Jesus was right, old wine is better than new.

                                                                William B.  Secrest , Argentum

Gun laws lack common sense

There have been so many claims flying around about guns that it is sometimes like trying to drive in a blizzard.

Did you know there has never been a mass murder by someone who legally purchased a gun, had the background check and took a safety course? Criminals have done so, and the very fact they are criminal means they do not obey the laws.

Did you know that more people are injured by baseball bats and knives each year than guns? (FBI statistics). Millions were spent on 30-second ads in the Super Bowl trying to influence our behavior. They must be fools because we are told two-hour violent movies or violent video games played day after day have no effect on us. The advertisers must be fools.

On the subject of guns, I’ve never seen a gun load itself, select a target and shoot someone. I’ve seen people do that (10 years in the military), but never saw an inanimate object do it.

Yet we do not wish to take into account effects on viewing violence on the big or small screen. As far as banning all guns in the United States, well, our multibillion-dollar war on drugs sure worked, didn't it?

I am tired of politicians and others who refuse to use common sense, spouting off about evils while they would not go anywhere without being guarded by evil guns.

I am especially sickened by the use of 20 dead children and six adults being used as a platform to put forth completely asinine theories. If your plan does not stand the common sense test, do not crawl atop a pile of small dead bodies to try to get noticed.

Now that is evil.

Gaylord Cooper, South Shore

Elected leaders are like ‘The Zax

The sequester is just further evidence of how badly politics in America is broken.

If members of Congress would read Dr. Seuss’ story, “The Zax,” they could see themselves depicted as the rest of us see them. The stubbornness of the North-Going Zax and the South-Going Zax resembles the gridlock Democrats and Republicans engage in today.

As long as our politicians allow themselves to be bought by big money and fail to seek the common good, our country cannot move forward.

Legislators who do not have the ability and good sense to compromise, when compromise would work for the common good, are unworthy of election or re-election. Voting out of office current Zax-like lawmakers in 2014 would go a long way toward dissolving the poison-pill politics that so besets us.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr., Louisville

Fair tax would fund government

The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds will become insolvent within the next few years because of high payouts and low income. The fair tax, HR25, pending in the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, would resolve this problem.

The fair tax eliminates income and several other taxes, including the current payroll tax and the current Medicare Part B premiums that fund their respective trust funds, but which are insufficient to keep the trust funds solvent.

The fair tax replaces all of these taxes with a consumption tax, which will provide a more stable source of funds than income-based taxes because spending is less volatile than income during the ups and downs of the business cycle. And it will receive funds from a larger tax base because it taxes all who spend to purchase new goods and services above the poverty level, whereas only about 50 percent of people pay income taxes.

The 23 percent consumption tax rate will be revenue neutral with the taxes eliminated and will be sufficient to fund all government activities, including Social Security and Medicare, at current levels.

Please join in making this a reality by indicating your support at fairtax.org and contacting your congressional representatives.

Patrick R. Burkett, Bend, Ore.

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