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December 8, 2013

In Your View

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ASHLAND — Anyone want a $10 Whopper?

Most of you may have heard of the “new” movement to “shame” lawmakers into raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

OK, some of you are already shaking your head and saying. “What’s wrong with that?”

What happens to the skilled workers who are making, say, $11 an hour? Should their pay be raised by a similar percentage?

The better question is: Are you ready to pay $10 for a Big Mac or Whopper?

 Are the masses so stupid that they think businesses will not raise prices on everything and fire as many people as possible to ensure  thatthey can still make a profit?

Case in point, a burger joint has 100 employees. With this move they let go 30 percent of their work force and make the rest do more and have more responsibilities. Unemployment goes up.

The burger joint still raises prices claiming higher wages forced them to. Prices go up. Then, once it is profitable, someone comes up with the grand idea to unionize the burger joint.

Oh, did I mention the news articles which state that the SEIU has paid those “protesters” to march and protest for a $15 minimum wage change.

Oh, I forgot to ask, what does a plumber or electrician charge, $65 - $75 an hour?  You think if the minimum wage doubles other things won’t double also?

Who will pay $10 for a banana split?  Well, there goes all those mom and pop ice cream shops.

Again, this is just my two cents.  Think about things like this next time you pick someone to vote for. Exactly who is funding them and what do they stand for. Ask questions. Don’t be mice or cattle.

 Thomas Leadingham, Ashland

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