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May 2, 2013

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ASHLAND — This time adults were no-shows

On Wednesday, May 1, I had the privilege of presenting an award to an outstanding ROTC student at the Paul Blazer High School awards ceremony. I was impressed with the students and their leaders. However, I was surprised to see that the rows of white chairs positioned for organization presenters of awards were empty except for me and a police officer.

I caught the names of two of those organizations — American Legion and VFW — both to which my father was a devoted member in his lifetime. I would like to say “Shame on you” for not showing up. The presence of those of us who give these awards to recognize student success in various forms says that we feel that what the student has achieved is worthy of our being physically present.

Adults often levy criticism on the younger generation for what they don’t do. Well, I am sorry folks, but the adults deserve some scolding on this one. The program lasted a half an hour. Thirty minutes is worth showing these students and their families the value of the award.

Dr. Barbara Walters, Ashland

Jodi Arias’ trial sparks comment

It seems to me that the Jodi Arias’ trial on television is a shame and disgrace to a civilized society, just to think that a group of human beings can get together and have the power to put another human being in torment for three years.

This organization has tortured this woman’s mind for three years with the fear of death, life in prison or freedom. This in itself has been enough to drive most human beings out of their mind.

 Could it be that they are trying to show the taxpayers just how helpless they are in having to pay the bill for some power hungry organizations?

Cliff Barker, Morehead

Choir to sing at church Monday

The Collegiate Chorale of the Bowling Green State University will present a program in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church, 1600 Winchester Ave., at 7:30 p.m. Monday.  A offering will be taken.

The Collegiate Chorale is the premiere choral ensemble at Bowling Green.  The concert will include sacred and secular music that runs the gamut from a Bach motet to vocal jazz.

Max Jackson, Origanist/Çhoirmaster,Ashland