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February 12, 2013

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The Independent

ASHLAND — Vote ‘yes’ to repeal Fairview utility tax

From The Independent, Sept. 16, 2012: “The Fairview Board of Education’s awarding of a $2,228,400 contract for renovations at Fairview High School marks the latest step in what has been a 30-plus-year effort to modernize the buildings in the small, independent school district based in Westwood.

“The renovation will include new lighting, new heating, ventilation and air conditioning, new windows for the classrooms and all other areas, doorways, a much-needed structural repair on the southeast corner of the school, air conditioning for the kitchen and cafeteria and new vinyl tile flooring, not to mention enhance entrance ways and exterior aesthetics,” Superintendent Bill Musick said.

“Musick says, “One does not have to have a brand new building to have a great school. We’re blessed with great teachers, great administrators and great kids, and we want to make it nice for them.”

The school board is now having open houses to display “bad” conditions at the school, and why they need to add a utility tax on the residents, in addition to a 4 percent increase in property tax for the last several years.

Don’t be fooled. As you can plainly see, these conditions are now being corrected. The board tried to stop having a vote on the tax and they are misleading the people about the urgency of needing more taxes.

Their future “dream” plans for other projects cannot be justified when many of our residents are having trouble making ends meet. The elderly on fixed incomes, unemployed and under-employed that make up our community also have wish lists they can’t afford. They cannot bear another $15 to $20 per month (their estimate), to be placed upon them for the rest of their lives. The amount you pay is going to increase every year! Stop this tax! Vote “yes” to repeal it!

Robert M. Bowen, Westwood

We should fret about our future

It seems to me that here in the United States we have a bunch of power-hungry control freaks who get into power and who care not for God, man or country. We, the taxpayers who pay the bills and support these clowns, should be getting very nervous about the future of our country and our grandchildren.

 How do we solve the problem? We get our heads together and visit all the people who are standing on the graves of the ones who have given their lives for the freedom they are now enjoying. Out of all the people who are eligible to vote, over one half of them don’t even register. Out of all the people who register to vote, over one half do not even vote.

If this continues and they get our guns, freedom and respect, our lives will get cheaper day by day, and we will learn what economic slavery is the hard way.

Cliff Barker, Morehead