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February 10, 2013

In Your VIew

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ASHLAND — Kids do not know purpose in life

Black History Month means so much to me as an Afro/Native American and a Christian. The month of February pays tribute to those Americans who loved their fellow men, their country and their God. Through the guidance and help of their Heavenly Father their generation found and lived out their meaning and purpose in God’s plan for us.

How would you respond if asked about your purpose in life? It would challenge most of us because our generation has been shielded in our public school system from expressing our relationship with our Heavenly Father in the classroom.  As a result some have stated through observation that, “all of our knowledge has brought us nearer to our ignorance.”

Many parents rely on public schools to teach their children important things. But many of us and our children are not learning about one important thing, their meaning and purpose in life.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent experimenting on “developmentally appropriate” teaching strategies so that our students may be competitive compared to students in other school districts. They have ignored the “developmentally appropriateness” of prayer in school. 

Dr. James Dobson tells the story about a high school student who scored perfect on the SAT. Her teachers bragged about how intelligent she was. A reporter asked her if she knew what the meaning or purpose in her life is. She admitted that she did not know but that she would like to know. This is a devastating indictment of the public schools’ policy on prayer!

Our generation is in debt to our forefathers for teaching by example that in order to fulfill God’s plan in our lives a relationship with our Heavenly Father is mandatory. Prayer in our schools can guide our children to open themselves up to our Heavenly Father.

Bob Smith, Ashland

Sports coverage ignores teams

It is difficult to understand why The Independent presents itself as a regional paper in community events, diverse area governmental entities, general news, and sports. In all of those areas, The Independent does a credible job except sports.

It seems that every high school team in the area is ignored unless they are playing Blazer, Russell, Fairview or Boyd County. It is natural to favor your core teams but the other teams from Greenup, Carter, Rowan, Lawrence, Lewis, Elliott, and Rowan, Fleming, Morgan and Johnson counties do not even get box scores published. 

The attitude appears to be we don’t matter enough to get two lines in your paper with the scores. It would be  unreasonable to expect a reporter at every game. However, I am certain that reliable personnel from each school would be thrilled to email the scores and/or stats. Other statewide papers do this. Why can't a regional paper at least cover its region? 

The Independent does a great job with other local news and their obituary notices are exemplary. The Independent needs to look at what’s wrong with sports coverage. 

Mike Malone, Grayson

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Independent has always welcomed and encouraged all school to report scores via phone calls or emails.