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January 19, 2013

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ASHLAND — 2nd Amendment not about hunting

The arms mentioned in the Second Amendment were state-of-the-art military weapons of the eighteenth century. They were intended to arm a militia which would resist a tyrannical government.

The Founding Fathers wanted to insure that we had the capability. George Washington, our first president, said, “Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a deadly enemy.” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that when a government becomes destructive of these rights (life, liberty and pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to change or abolish that government.

President Obama has compared so-called assault weapons to battlefield weapons. If that were true, the guns in question would definitely be covered under the Second Amendment. The fact is the actual assault rifles — the AR15, AK47, Mini 14 — re selective fire. That is they are capable of both semi-automatic-firing one round each time the trigger is pressed and automatic fire-firing multiple rounds with one squeeze of the trigger.

The guns I just mentioned by model numbers are semiautomatic versions only. It would require the skills and tools of a gunsmith to enable them to fire automatic.

The Second Amendment is not about collecting, hunting or target shooting; it is about insuring our freedom by allowing us the means to resist tyranny.

Benjamin Franklin said that given a choice between a society without newspapers or a society without government, he would choose a society with newspapers but no government.

Journalists treasure the First Amendment like gun owners treasure the 2nd. If President Obama and others in government can run rough-shod over the Second Amendment, there is nothing to keep them from doing the same to the First.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, those who would surrender precious liberty for the illusion of security deserve neither.

Steven Little, Ashland

Don’t vote for killer alcohol

I am against voting for Greenup County to be “wet.”

Alcohol is a killer. If we use it, it can kill our families, friends and neighbors.

The Lord gave us the Bible to live by.If we do not obey it we are condemned to hell.

If we vote to allow alcohol sales in Greenup County, we will be like murderers. Think about it. If our children, mother, father, sister, brother or other family members, our friends and our neighbors are killed by a drunken driver or if they have an accident when drunk,  and you voted for alcohol sales, you will be responsible for those deaths. Don’t you think it will slap you in the face? How will you feel?

Linda Howard, Wurtland

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