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February 12, 2014

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ASHLAND — Massie supports ‘big money

On Feb. 5, U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Maryland, teamed up with Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina to introduce the Government By the People Act — a new campaign finance reform bill that will help reverse the impact of the Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

By the time the bill was introduced, it had 130 original co-sponsors — more than any other campaign finance reform bill in recent history! I would like my representative, Republican Thomas Massie, to sign on as an early co-sponsor.

In order to win on any issue — reforming Wall Street, passing a higher minimum wage, or battling corporate polluters — we need to break the influence of big-money in our democracy.

The Government By the People Act matches small-dollar donations under $150 with public funds 6-to-1, so that a $25 contribution turns into $175 — or $100 into $700 — amplifying the voice of everyday people. This will save taxpayers hundreds of billions in corporate welfare that results from politicians sucking up to big-money donors.

Rep. Thomas Massie needs to take a stand against big money!

Richard LeMaster, Ashland

Low-wage jobs serve a purpose

When I got out of school, I started work for $1.65 an hour. Within a month, I was earning more thanr $2.

Lower wage jobs serve a very important purpose. They allow individuals who are new to the work force to get work experience. These jobs are also important for some  disabled individuals.

Also they are good for those individuals who are just lazy.  Yes, lazy. There are lazy people in this world who do just enough to collect a paycheck. They have no will or desire to improve their job skills in order to earn more.

Kentucky employers, like employers of any other state, have a hard time finding skilled workers. They already pay skilled workers more than $10 per hour. People who are worth more get paid more. That’s supply and demand!

That  has built this nation into the greatest in the world! When you raise the cost of employing these lower wage workers by 30 pecent, then employers must eliminate that cost or pass the cost along to their customers.  Who then pays for that 30 percent increase? All the rest of us.

We pay higher prices for goods and services and higher taxes to support those who lost their jobs. We must elect officials who realize it was capitalism and not communism that made America great!

Joe Bounds, Ashland

Business award nominees sought

Nominations for the 2014 Northeast Kentucky Small Business Awards are being accepted. The public is being encouraged to nominate outstanding small-business owners and/or champions (individuals who deserve recognition for their efforts to promote the interest of small business). Self-nomination is also encouraged.

Small businesses and small-business champions in Boyd, Carter and Greenup counties are eligible for nomination. Prior year winners are ineligible. For a complete list of previous winners, visit nekysba.com. Nominations will be accepted through March 7.

Nominees will be honored during an awards breakfast on May 15. This year’s event will take place at the Boyd County Community Center. Rob Johnson of WSAZ News Channel 3 will be the master of ceremonies. Each nominee will receive two complimentary seats to the event.

You may submit nominations electronically at nekysba.com or you may request a nomination form by calling (606) 329-8011.

Kim Jenkins,event coordinator, Northeast Kentucky Small Business Awards

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