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June 16, 2013

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ASHLAND — Payroll tax unfair to nonresidents

In regards to taxation without representation, England taxed the Colonies without allowing the Colonies to have any say in who taxed them. That started a war.

Ashland is doing the same thing with its payroll tax. It is taxing all those people who work in Ashland but do not live in Ashland and have no say in the tax. It is using the payroll tax to subsidize the property tax.

The payroll tax door is open and it is growing larger. Look for the payroll tax to increase to  5 percent  or more in the coming years because most of the people who have to pay it have no say in the people elected to determine the amount of the tax.

Did you ever notice that Ashland leaders cry the city is broke and they desperately need more money, but after they get new income, they waste some of it on projects that are not really necessary. Then they cry the city is broke again and then again need more money. Again when they get it they spend it unwisely.

Look around at many of the projects and purchases in Ashland over the last few years and ask yourself, “considering today’s economy,  and the businesses that have closed down, was that project or purchase really necessary?”

One example: The city purchases new vehicles then rather than sell the old vehicles, it just gives them away.  If a vehicle is good enough for some other city to use,  why not keep it? Or at least sell it.

Why should the city leaders care? Most people who must pay this tax live outside the city and cannot vote. Taxation without representation was wrong when England did it to the colonies and it’s wrong when Ashland does it to people who live outside the city!

Joe Bounds, Ashland

Greed is ruining his Boyd County

I’ve always been Proud to be a Boyd County resident. That is, until now!

Our new claim to fame: having the largest landfill in the state!

I was so glad to read about the new railroad spur that would allow more out-of-state garbage to stink up our county!  Just drive out U.S. 60 any evening and get a “whiff.” It would gag a maggot on a gut wagon!

The future students of the new Boyd County High School will really be glad to be in school. They won’t be able to stand it outside!

Another thing that hurts me about living here is our gasoline prices. I just drove through Grayson this evening and their fuel prices were more than 30 cents a gallon cheaper. I guess we live too close to the refinery!

I love this county but hate to see it ruined by “greed”!

Keith Holbrook, Boyd County

CSX caboose is needed, not N&W

I am a retired engineer from the C&O/CSX Railroad. I worked for this company for 42 years, working at 34th Street in Ashland and the Manifest out of Russell that went through Ashland.

It stated in the Wednesday, June 12, Independent that Ashland was a railroad town, and I agree with that. However, it is not a N&W town.

I do not agree with putting a N&W caboose in Ashland when the C&O/CSX paid the city of Ashland millions in taxes over the years and N&W did not run service through this town and paid no taxes to the city.

I am sure that if the city would have contacted CSX, it would also donate a CSX or C&O caboose to the town. Putting a caboose in the city is a good idea, but it needs to be a caboose from a company that actually serviced the town, not to menion paid taxes to the city.

A.V. (Ott) Ratliff, Raceland