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March 23, 2014

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ASHLAND — Kentucky needs state tax credit

It is tax time again, and I’ve been hearing a lot about the possibility of a State Earned Income Tax Credit for working families that would piggybacks off the federal EITC. Over the last two years, I’ve seen more and more support for a state EITC, and finally, legislators are considering instituting one for Kentucky. 

I think they should. The past two years my husband has been in school. We have two small boys, and we qualified for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, which means that we’d also have qualified for a state EITC. The largest credits go to families with incomes between about $10,000 and $23,000, then the credit gradually tapers off at about $38,000 to $52,000, depending on family size.

As the one who buys the groceries for this family, and keeps the growing feet in shoes, I know that we could have put that tax credit to good use.

I live in Warren County, where according to the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, a state EITC would directly benefit more than 10,000 familie, with an average credit of $330.

 According to a recent Stanford study, adding $3,000 a year in EITC income to children in working-poor families before age six increases those kids’ annual earnings as adults between ages 25 and 37 by 17 percent. These percentages are families who have gotten on a better track, and whose children are starting out on a better track, thanks to smart economic policy.

More than 410,000 Kentucky families would qualify for a state EITC.

I am contacting my representatives and letting them know that I want them to join me in supporting a robust Earned Income Tax Credit. I urge you to contact them as well.You can call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181.

Jeanie Smith, Bowling Green

Towler choice for  judge-executive

I have known Steve Towler for more than 40 years.  Steve was born and raised in Boyd County. His roots in our community are deep and well founded. Steve and his family have a reputation for being hard-working folks who for many years worked diligently teaching students in our schools during the day while operating a thriving business at night and on weekends at their truck stop in Coalton. 

Steve has been blessed with a career that included serving 20 years as a school superintendent in Kentucky school districts from Hardin County south of Louisville to Jenkins near the Virginia border. His experience in supervising the hundreds of employees he was responsible for in education coupled with his experience for more than a decade leading our United Way have provided him with some unique qualifications to be our county judge-executive.  I attended church with Steve for several years and personally observed his ability to calm the waters of controversy and work to solve problems and make things better.

I believe that is the kind of person we need to lead Boyd County as judge-executive.

Frank E. Salisbury, Ashland