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September 9, 2013

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ASHLAND — Possible sites for center suggested

In response to the Aug. 25 letter by Mildred Selogic, she should know that she did not insult me and that I do consider others before myself. I try to respond with understanding and love to those with different opinions with understanding and love.

If I had four or five acres next door to me in Westwood, I would gladly give it to Pathways for a drug treatment center.

I asked about the property by the Fairview ballfield and was told it was donated to the school system about four years ago.

I called Pathways and suggestd they check on the property where Tandy Kemper’s Body Shop used to be. There is probably four or five acres there.

 I know some will point out that that property is next to a Little League ballfield and across the street from a nursing home.

I am more concerned about going to the mall or grocery store and having someone knock me down and taking my purse to feed their drug habit than I am about 100 men who seek help in getting off drugs.

This will be my last letter on this subject. I ask everyone’s forgiveness if my other letters upset them.

 I was just expressing my opinon. I am 79 years old and kinow what a great place Unity Square is. I thank God that we have it.

Bernadette Slusher, Ashland

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