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September 4, 2013

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ASHLAND — Politicians send others off  to war

Syria’s and the United States’ involvement in their civil war has been in the news this week. It occurred to me that none of those who are pushing our intervention, regardless of how much or where it will lead, have a stake in the intervention.

None of the politicians will have to go fight. None of their children or grandchildren will have to go. It is easy to advocate some sort of action when you are safely in Washington and know there is no draft, and even if there were, their political buddies could keep their young from having to go fight.

It is the average, hard-working man or woman that sees her son or daughter go off to war and all too often return physically or mentally damaged, if they return alive at all. It is these people, not the politicians nor those who advocate such actions, that will be attending the funerals.

I believe war could almost be eliminated if the young would tell the old, fat, bureaucrats to go fight their own wars. They are too busy trying to build the country and make a life for themselves and their families.

Those that advocate sending the young off to die, whether by decree or voting for certain politicians policies, have blood on hands. I am told that blood is very difficult to wash off one's hands. We shall see. We shall certainly see.

Gaylord Cooper, South Shore

Attack on Syria endangers Israel

Our country is on the verge of a military strike on Syria because of Syria’s use of poison gas on its own people.

No doubt Syria deserves to be severely punished for the atrocities it committed, and its dictator driven from office and prosecuted.

There is a ramification here though. Iran has threatened to strike Israel if the U.S. should bomb the Syrian cictator’s forces. Now is the time for all God-fearing people to pray for the safety and peace of Israel, for Israel is God’s chosen people and we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem which is God’s holy city.   

Charles W. Holbrook, Flatwoods

‘Cow Town’ name offends CHS grad

This past weekend I returned to the area to celebrate my 40th high school reunion.

I graduated from Catlettsburg High School in 1973, the next-to-final year of CHS existence before being consolidated into Boyd County High. Each moment of my reunion was filled with times of great memories. The school was small and long-lasting friendships were formed. 

The reunion ended with our group of graduates standing and singing our alma mater. Each person felt school pride returning as our voices blended in harmony.

The event at Oakland Avenue Baptist Church was meaningful. Earlier at the old CHS another reunion event was taking place. I had been informed about a display being unveiled featuring CHS memorabilia. My husband and I stopped to view the display.

Walking through the foyer and hallways of the old school was quite exciting and I was happy to see the spirit of the Wildcats was being honored. However, my joy turned quickly to disbelief as I stared at the statements plastered on walls and emblazoned on T-shirts referring to Catlettsburg as “Cow Town.”

Throughout my time in school in Catlettsburg, this term was used by other schools and those who disrespected us as a term of derision. It was used to mock and humiliate us. As many know, Catlettsburg was not named because of its relationship to cattle or livestock but after the founding brothers Horatio and Alexander Catlett in 1811.

We have a proud history as a city and I for one find referring to us as “Cow Town” offensive. Why would a term of derision such as this be allowed to "honor" the memory of our school?  A number of my former classmates shared my dismay over this terminology.

Is there not a better way to honor the memory of our school?

Pamela Sloas Maynard,m Jacksonville, Fla.

Tomcats group welcomes help

I am a member of the Tomcats for Tomcats (TFT) and am so proud of the generosity of our members in sponsoring Nat Speaks as well as several other deserving people over the past few years.

We welcome Tomcats past or present to join our group. Donations to our causes are always voluntary! If you would like more information on TFT, whose main focus is to Pay It Forward, you can contact me at Nobelita2002@yahoo.com.

Marcia Wilson Hermann, PBHS class of 1975, Livonia, Mich.

ObamaCare called fiscally unsound

It is not good to be in a habit of cynicism, and I try to stay from it. Let’s forget the ObamaCare mess. Now we are going to change the subject and create the Syria mess. I cannot see how Syria can turn out good.

 There are no good guys here. The choice is the least evil and whoever that is will possibly end up with the poisonous gas and its factories. Regardless, most deaths are by conventional warfare.

For years I was controller of a local corporation. Each year I would put the comprehensive health insurance plan for bids. I would spec it as a family plan with a low family and individual deductible, a high lifetime limit, and the insurance company had to pick up preexisting conditions.

 This worked well to keep costs down and guaranteed a high level of service. I personally tracked all claims. This was easier than dealing with employee complaints and I did not need worker distraction.

The family policy was about 20 pages long and the company policy was about 50 pages. That covered all I needed to know to administrate the program and even then was full of unnecessary legalese.

This 2,000 page health bill was submitted in a manner that did not allow Congress adequate time to analyze and make implementation procedures plans, cost analysis estimates, and program maintenance/management cost estimates.

In other words “Due Diligence” was not performed. As a CPA I would lose my license for such a negligent act.

My concern with what has come to be known as ObamaCare is it is actuarially unsound.

The lax and unintelligent manner in which people are recruited to market the product is wide open to leave the citizenry subject to identity theft and several other fraud schemes as unscrupulous scum gain access to policyholder and patient information. 

Earl Barnett, Speedwell, Tenn,