Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

November 8, 2013

Watch for deer!

Accident rate up in late fall

The Independent

ASHLAND — Motorists who regularly travel the highways in Kentucky know that there is always a chance that a deer will suddenly dart into their path, particularly at dawn and dusk. However, state officials say the likelihood of colliding with a deer is much greater at this time of the year. That’s why they say motorists should be particularly cautious and always be prepared to suddenly brake for a darting deer.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources says deer mating activity peaks in mid-November, increasing the animals’ movement. The agency says deer are most likely moving during the early morning and at dusk, which coincides with humans traveling to and from work. Rush hour is strenuous enough without deer darting through the snarled traffic.

 It is not just in rural areas that deer are likely to dart into traffic. Anyone who lives in Ashland knows that a large number of deer live inside the city limits.

The same can be said for other “urban”areas in this region. In fact, the state police say suburban streets are among the most likely places for an accident involving a vhicle and a deer.

We know from experience that it is sometimes nearly impossible to avoid hitting a deer, Sometimes deer hit the passing vehicle instead of the other way around. But using a little more caution than usual during the next few weeks may save you a costly bill at a body shop in addition to saving the life of a deer.