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August 16, 2013

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The Independent

ASHLAND — Recovery center would be asset

This is in response to the story about opposition to the Genesis Recovery Center that Pathways is planning.

To everyone who agrees that Ashland needs a place like this, but says they do not want it in their neighborhood, I ask the question: “If not yours, whose?”

Also if you do not think that there are already addicts living in your neighborhoods, I bet you would be surprised. These addicts are not interested in getting better; they are only interested in getting their next pill.

I can almost guarantee that every single person in Ashland knows someone whose family has someone with a drug problem; they may not admit someone has a drug problem or the family may not be aware of the problem, but it’s that bad these days.

I worked as an addictions counselor for two years, and the first thing I learned was addiction affects people from all walks of life: rich, poor, educated, young, old, healthy and disabled.

The clinic that Pathways is planning will not accept just anyone off the streets either. It will have specific criteria like you cannot have a propensity to violence, have been charged with a sexual crime, etc. Personally, I would rather have a recovery center in my neighborhood than some of the drug houses we currently have in Ashland. At least the people in the recovery center are recovering and want to make a positive change.

Jennifer Nichols, Ashland

Writer misses ‘old’Pathways

Once it was important to Pathways to promote the health and well-being of citizens and communities. Pathways endeavored to treat all community members with respect and dignity and to maintain the public’s trust and confidence in the services provided.

Pathways recent treatment of the Cedar Knoll community strongly suggests that these goals and core values are no longer important.

I miss the “old” Pathways.

M.S. Sampson, Ashland

Will the residents’ story ever be told?

After viewing the story promoting the rehab/halfway house being proposed in the Cedar Knoll subdivision, my neighbors and I are questioning when will our side of the story be told?

The only press we have received has been negative from The Independent. We have been made out to be villains for wanting to protect our families. Why have we not received a front page article telling our side?

The only press we have is limited to 300 words or less in The Independent's "In my Opinion" section. There has not been an interview with Cedar Knoll residents nor has one been planned.

We have researched the success rate of this type of facility, how crime rate will be increased  and our property values will plummet Most of all, will our families be safe?  These are just a few of our basic concerns.

At our neighborhood meeting, we were told of how the "residents" walk to Morehead State University to hang out. If this facility is built, these men will be walking along U.S. 60, going to the Cannonsburg Wal-Mart, Kyova Mall and other businesses in the surrounding area. How will this make our county safe?

These so called "residents" will not be guarded, no security systems will be in place, and minimal staff to maintain a facility of 100 drug addicts.

In closing, I do believe everyone deserves an opportunity to rehabilitate and hopefully turn their lives around. However, I strongly believe the proposed site is setting them up for failure from the very beginning.

Once again, I am limited to 300 words or less.

William Randolph, Ashland

Cost of gun violence is high

Why would anyone with evil intentions purchase a gun leaving a paper trail? An individual may buy guns, ammo or magazine clips at a local flea market by paying cash. Whether one is a law-abiding citizen, a  felon or terrorist makes no difference.

This makes it easier for a strawman to buy guns that end up in our cities, in the hands of drug dealers, gangs, felons or terrorists.

Why was the NRA for background checks only to oppose them now? The NRA claims that banning assault weapons is a step closer to government confiscation. Fact is during the 10-year ban, there were no reports that the “gestapo” was kicking down doors taking guns.

On the other hand, the NRA wants more armed guards in school protecting our kids. Wouldn’t this give the government tens of thousands more armed police to later confiscate our guns? This sounds counter-intuitive to their argument.

Those politicians voicing concerns over the 60,000 slaughtered Syrians sit on their laurels alongside the NRA and gun lobbyists while our nation loses over 30,000 annually to gun violence.

What’s the difference? Death by violence in Syria or the U.S.? Did it ever occur to anyone the tremendous cost to our health care system for these annual deaths and thousands more wounded? This entails transportation by EMTs to emergency rooms, trauma centers, hospitals, receiving blood transfusions, X-rays, MRIs, surgeries, staffed by doctors, nurses, with hospital stays, etc. — relating to a higher cost to everyone’s health care premiums.

Whether one is for common-sense laws or against, you are paying  one way or another. The NRA and gun manufactures should be leading with common sense laws and not be using blood for profit.

Earl Ferguson, Wurtland

Police can find impaired drivers

If the local law enforcement really cared about DUI drivers, then sit down here in Catlettsburg on Friday and Saturday nights and wait until all the motorcycles leave Giovanni's and pull them over.

It’s common sense where the majority of DUI drivers come. It’s from, bars and restaurants. Follow them as they come back from Kenova’s drive throughs.

Law enforcement officers know where they are at but don't want to anything about it. Put up road blocks in town, where all the DUI drivers drive. They know better than to go on a back road so they do it right under the law’ nose and pass the police every time. I watch this happen all the time.

Dannie Ray Crislip,Catlettsburg

Story on Paris was uplifting

What an uplifting article on Pastor Floyd Paris’ new ministry in the mission fields of Uganda in Wednesday Independent! It was a great way to start the day before my morning walk! I am reminded of the scripture reading in Matthew 9:37 “The harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few.” We will keep you in prayer Pastor Paris as you embark on your new ministry.

Kathleen Chamis, student, Southland Bible Institute