Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

March 25, 2014

Letters to the editor

The Independent

ASHLAND — It’s a sad day for America

In 1968 I celebrated my 18th birthday. A big day for all young people, even today.  But it was even more special to me because, for the first time, 18-year-olds were allowed to vote.

I voted that year in the presidential election. You can count on one hand in 46 years how many elections I have missed. I even considered voting in my local union's election a privilege and a responsibility to vote just like a national election is a privilege and a responsibility of every American.  

If you don't vote then don't complain after the election. That is just one reason America is the greatest nation in the world. We were founded on many principles that set us apart from other countries and especially that the people had rights and one of the most fundamental rights is to vote.

 In the last few years the issue of gay rights, same sex marriage has made its way to the polls. Which side of this issue you stand on isn't important. I have an opinion just like everybody else and I base those opinions on Biblical principals and that's my right. Overwhelmingly the people have spoken over and over.  It has been decided marriage is between a man and a woman in all states that have voted. Some are outraged over these election results and that's their right, if they voted. But, nevertheless, the people have spoken.  How sad and terribly tragic that a handful of independent judges have said that they know best and the voice of the people doesn't matter anymore.

Many have fought and died to give us our many freedoms.  How sad that one man sitting in a black robe in some courthouse can take away that privilege.  

Smokey Ingram, Ashland

Towler has good track record

I worked for United Way of Northeast Kentucky for many years and with Executive Director Steve Towler for most of that time.   

During that time I became acutely aware of his involvement in the many organizations that make Boyd County a great place to live. His long history in the county includes being a basketball standout at Boyd County High School.

 He continued his involvement with the education system including years as a teacher and as superintendent of the Ashland School System as well as superintendent of other Kentucky School Systems.  

His Doctorate degree in education and his long history of successful management positions make him an outstanding choice for Boyd County Judge-Executive.  

Marlena Ross, Flatwoods

Officer thanked for kindness

Thanks to the Ashland Police Officer who took time out of his busy day to let my grandson look in his police cruiser. I didn’t get this officer’s name but it was at the 55th Street/Winchester Avenue Marathon Gas station on Saturday afternoon-early evening.

He was very kind and gracious and made quite an impression on a little boy. This officer didn’t hesitate when I asked if he would mind showing my grandson his cruiser and, in fact, went way beyond anything i could’ve hoped for.

These officers don’t get the credit they deserve at times. I only wish I’d gotten his name. I hope this heartfelt thank you finds him.

Cindy Stone, Ashland