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March 16, 2014

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OLIVE HILL — Right to work  will lower pay for all

Can you afford to lose $5,500 a year?

Right to Work Law means the right to work for less. It is backed by big corporate, big business and the same people who were elected with support from powerful special interest dollars.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (October 2010), the average worker in states that have so-called “right to work” laws earns  $5,538 a year less than the average worker in states without “right to work” laws.

It makes wages lower for everyone! It is unfair to those who play by the rules. It endangers worksite safety and health standards, resulting in more injuries and even deaths at work.

Kentucky does not need a right to work law. We can’t afford to work for less!

States with right to work laws spend $2,670 less per pupil on elementary and secondary education than free-bargaining states.

The Republican Party is deaf to the cry for a living wage. Why? Because it caters to big corporations.

Those elected with support from big corporate and special interest groups who bought them the election — Kentucky’s 30-year U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is one of those — will support legislation to help big corporate business. McConnell leads his party to vote for corporate interest, not yours. He has not worked for Kentuckians. McConnell supports “right to work” and he has voted against raising the minimum wage 15 times. He doesn’t care about you!

Hold elected officials accountable! Call and tell them to vote against “right to work” and to vote for raising the minimum wage. Get others involved, let them know you will be watching their vote to determine whether you vote for them again.

It may be hard to realize, but enough votes can trump big money.

Gail Hut pardy, Cadiz

MSU-Ashland is reason for degree

I am writing you this letter to express my gratitude of Morehead State University offering programs here in Ashland. I am a non-traditional student. I am married and the mother of two school -age children. Without a bachelor’s program in Ashland, it would be extremely difficult for me to obtain a degree.

I was nervous when making the decision to go to college, as it had been almost 10 years since graduating from high school. Online classes were an option, but due to me being out of school for so long, an in-class setting was the best option for me.

I started my college career in the fall of 2010 and my life has changed for the better ever since. I have found just how capable I am of being successful. I attended Ashland Community and Technical College for the first two years of my college degree, where I graduated with high distinction in 2012 with an associate’s degree in art.

I transferred to MSU-Ashland in the fall of 2012 and this transition was very smooth, as I had taken all of the prerequisite classes while at ACTC. I am proud to say that I am a straight A student at Morehead State University, and I cannot wait to start my career after graduation this December.

I am so thankful that MSU has a campus in Ashland. It would be almost impossible for me to attend classes in Morehead, as my family is a one income family at the moment. I am a little shocked that so many people are unaware of MSU’s presence in Ashland. A common response to me stating I am a student at Morehead State is, “Wow, you drive all the way to Morehead every week.” I think it would be beneficial for the community to be aware of  MSU-Ashland.

Ashley Barada, Ashland

Paulus is a great doctor, citizen

I am a life-long resident of Coal Grove and a businessman for almost 70 years. My father was a Lawrence County Commissioner.

My entire family has known Dr. Richard Paulus since he became a well-respected citizen in our community.

Dr. Paulus is one of the hardest working individuals we have had the privilege of knowing. He is not only a fine heart specialist, but he also maintained that in his community, church and school. He is a sincere backer of our local school, its sports and academic programs.

Our family is appalled at the lawsuit, its accusations and the multitude of patients with whom Dr. Paulus gave his all. He spent countless hours at their bedside taking time away from his family, friends and church.

The legal system was quick and eager to crucify ones of the best heart doctors in the world. Many of their own friends and cohorts are alive today because ot the care and treatment they received from Dr. Paulus.

My family and I stand by and with Dr. Richard E. Paulus in his defense.

We pray for his total well-being asking God to allow such a fine doctor to do what he does best, be a doctor this saving countless lives, standing ready to carry on as one of the very best providing his patients with more quality tie on earth.

Ronald H. Brammer, Coal Grove

He’s alive because of Dr. Paulus’ skills

In regards to Dr. Richard Paulus, a vast multitude of his former patients are walking and breathing because of this physician’s sincere, professional and personal care.

I’ve spoken to many patients who reiterated this man’s dedication to his patients awakening in the wee hours of the morning from a deep anesthetic sleep after successful heart surgery to see the angel of heart health sitting on their bedside, offering himself totally, not only as the patient’s caring physician but also as a friend. What a guy, what a friend, what a doctor!

My personal story is that I was stricken with acute heart pains. Bruce Craft, then Central Park’s director, rushed me to the King’s Daughters Medical Center emergency room. A few hours later I was rushed to the heart cath lab. Dr. Paulus appeared with his professional care and attitude, and with advice for a confused heart patient. His word is as good as gold.

My boss at Preston Funeral Home in Paintsville was placed in Dr. Paulus’ care with an acute emergency, a condition known as “The Widowmaker.” With Dr. Paulus’ knowledge and skill, Mr. Preston is fine. He and I have been able to continue enjoying life with our loved for these past several years.

Now we find our prominent physician with a monumental lawsuit with a vast array of accusations  filed by  legal ambulance-chasers promoting a case against this fine doctor. Self interest from attorneys became paramount as they falsely painted a picture of a doctor with no concern. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Yet it seems lies for self interest trickle down from our current and past presidents. I and countless others, live and breath because of this great doctor.

May God protect him, offer him comfort and safety, and solidly maintain his faith as a Christian doctor.

Charles “Duke” Sheridan, Ironton, Ohio

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