Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

August 13, 2013

In Your View

The Independent

ASHLAND — Write the facts, not an opinion

The Pathways representatives were not ambushed at the Boyd County Fiscal Court meeting. The Boyd County residents were almost ambushed by the recent events.  The articles have been onesided. Cedar Knoll residents investigated the matter by researching the impact on property values, crime rate, the treatment program, and success rate. We were provided information from Pathways. 

A treatment center may be needed. However, I have not seen any neighborhood offering to have this treatment center in their front door (unless the author of theeditorial or Pathways representatives wants it in their neighborhood). 

Maybe The Independent needs to ask more questions for an article setting forth all facts.

When was this location selected?  Was it before or after the spring purchase by the current owners?  Who selected the location and why?

Why was the location not appropriate at East Park?

How many locations were considered? 

How many men will be sent there from the Department of Corrections?  What type of crimes will they have committed?

How often will the residents be drug and alcohol tested?

How many men at other centers have committed crimes during their stay?  What type of crimes?  What has been the impact on crime rate near the centers?

What type of security will be there for our community?

How many employees will be on each shift?

What will be the impact be on our home values in Cedar Knoll? How will that impact the property taxes for Boyd County?

The Independent failed to write an article regarding this matter representing all issues before the meeting.  Maybe if it had, then the “ambush” would not have been a surprise. How could anyone not anticipate that there would be the neighborhood outcry?  Instead of an opinion article, write an article including all facts.

Michelle Randolph, Boyd County

Alcohol barred at this reunion

The Wurtland Class of 1958 will hold its 55-year reunion on Aug. 24 at Serenity Acres, located on Beechy Road.

During the 50-year reunion, I was selected as the chairman of this year’s event. Recently at a meeting in the Golden Corral with about 10-12 members, I announced my plans to hold our event at the historic McConnell House located in Wurtland. When I temporally left the meeting to check the telephone book for a phone number to see if we might be in conflict with Old Fashion Days in Greenup, the meeting was basically shanghaied by some who had obviously come with a plan of their own.

Aside from no air conditioning, I was OK with the “group’s” change of plans until I noticed the large sign when I arrived later to check thin,gs out at Serenity Acres. “No alcohol”” was listed as number 1, and yes, that applied to our class as well  was told.

While driving away I figured it out. No more Greenbo Lodge reunions, where the last two or three had been held, or McConnell House as classmates would be free to bring their own alcohol. No alcohol allowed at Serenity Acres as it is a “religious site.” I read in envy other classes reunions being held at the Elks Lodges or the Shawnee Lodge, where alcohol is served.

How “religious” people can invoke their own peculiar rules on others based upon the King James Bible is beyond me but it is evidently prevalent in the Greenup County area. In Chapter 23 Mathew writes about Jesus using the term “hypocrite” and it is very clear to me that I too would be a hypocrite if I attended this function and not allowed to celebrate while sharing a bottle of old wine, which Jesus claimed to be superior to new wine.

    William B. Secrest,  Argentum,  (Old Post Office for Beechy Road)