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January 1, 2014

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ASHLAND — Good trees axed for disc golf

For the past two weeks I’ve noticed at least 10 “live”oak and hickory trees being cut down in Armco Park.

I asked a worker there why is this happening, his reply was they are doing it for the golfers so they can play disk golf.

What! So they can throw a freesbie in a basket?  A few years ago, they cut down numerous trees to build a golf course, why can't they play disk golf on this course?  After all, the baskets they use are mobile and moveable. 

In the summer, this park is packed with children swinging on the swing sets, families having picnics, holding family reunions, elderly folks walking or using their metal detectors, people just enjoying the abundant wildlife in the park.

Some of these trees had to be 150 years old and provided acorns and nuts for the squirrels, turkey, deer and numerous bird species in the park, not to mention shelter for wildlife and beautification of the park. 

I’m not sure who approved cutting these trees down in our county park, but I do know the majority of people in the county would not approve the reason it was done: to accommodate the very few.

Michelle Clark, Ashland

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