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December 18, 2012

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ASHLAND — Guns protect even their opponents

I had just returned home from seeing my 2-year-old granddaughter when I learned about the shooting in Connecticut.

This was an horrific act. As this is written, they have  not even removed the bodies of the children yet.  The police are still processing the scene and taking pictures.

I then find that many television celebrities and politicians have gone on television and newspapers calling for a ban on guns. Can’t these people even let the parents  grieve before  trotting  out their favorite political casuses?

To a person these people before the microphones were backed by armed security. I watched and I wonder why is a maker of documentary films more important than my granddaughter. Why is it that some politician feels that his life is more worthy than my wife, daughter and granddaughter?

The live-in gated communties or buildings where armed guards are there 24 hours a day.  What have they contributed to this world that the life of my family should mean less than theirs? Can they tell me? They see no problem being protected with guns but wish to deny my family that right?

Can they tell me why my granddaughter’s life is less important than theirs?

Gaylord Cooper, South Shore

Armed pro could protect students

Watching the news from Newtown, Conn., Friday morning caused my machismo to leak around my eyes. As I wept over the brutal slayings of the innocent, I soon became infuriated at the so-called liberal wisdom of NBC News and President Obama.

A veteran lawman and profiler interview by NBC anchor Lester Holt stated that one feature mass murderers look for in staging their rampages is a gun-free location. So-called liberal wisdom says the thing to do is enforce gun-free zones.

Our universities led the way banning fire-arms on campus. That worked well at Virginia Tech, didn’t it? The shooter at Virginia Tech chained the doors to keep law enforcement at bay. Only armed officers already on-site could have stopped him.

A little brainstorming led me to a different solution. Offer free or reduced tuition to retired or off-duty police officers if they would serve as armed plain-clothes security force. Imagine Mr. Cho’s chagrin if he had been confronted by armed officers before or soon after his spree began.

Yes, I’m saying the best answer to an armed psycho is an armed professional. Instead, academia in its so-called liberal wisdom creates an environment that is actually conducive to mass murder.

Adam Lanza, even with his parent’s stolen guns, could have been taken down by faculty or staff armed and licensed to carry concealed. Where professionals are not available, skilled amateurs would need to suffice.

Instead, oxymoronic liberal wisdom made a school a killing ground.

Steve Little, Ashland

A message for unknown burglar

This is for the person who broke into my home on Dec. 11.

I didn’t mind that you took all my Christmas money; I didn’t mind you took all my silver dollars, two dollar bills, the wheat pennies and a whole lot of other silver coins; I didn’t mind you tore the things out of the desk and drawers and left all over the floor and bed; I didn’t mind you took that ring and my one gold necklace.

I didn’t even mind you took the cat food, chewing gum and postage stamps but I sure as hell hated that you broke that window and threw glass all over, then came into my home without invitation with the very intention of stealing from me. I hope the police catch you.

Vivian Malloy, Ashland

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