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December 9, 2012

In Your View

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ASHLAND — Some things he wonders about

Are you like me and wonder why:

‰  Our president ignores us regarding what happened in Benghazi leaving four Americans dead. There’s absolutely no comparison with Watergate. We deserve the truth.

‰  Our lawmakers with a 10 percent approval rating, give away billions of borrowed dollars that cost us millions a day in interest to people who hate us, wishing the worst for us.

‰  Obama and Mitt Romney each still had a huge campaign chest.  once the race was over. They should have donated that money to the New York/New Jersey residents who have absolutely nothing as a result of tropical storm Sandy.

‰ President Obama has absolutely ignored our only friend in the Middle East, Israel, for nearly four years now, but he has managed to go to Cambodia and Myanmar.

‰ We station our soldiers around the world costing us billions of dollars. They could be protecting our borders stopping at last count the  12 million illegal aliens.

‰ Obama does not have to pay for his re-election tours, a very major amount. I understand his travels cost us $300,000 per hour. No doubt Romney paid his while the taxpayers paid for Obama.

Don Nichols, Coal Grove, Ohio

Urge farmers to plant crops

One of the main keys to world peace would be to stop so much foreign aid. It would help cut down on spending. Check all food stamp recipients, without notification, as well as people on welfare. Instead of paying farmers to let their land lay idle, encourage all farmers to plant as much as possible since the nation and the world need the food.

Check on dope, tobacco and alcohol use at any home that is on food stamps or receives welfare checks. If use is found in those homes, stop it! It is not right for the taxpayers to foot these unnecessary bills.

Trace down all men who have fathered children out of wedlock, and if they refuse to go to work and support the child, a minimum of three years prison should be imposed. Consider restoring the chain gang as we called it when I was growing up as a child in North Carolina. We built our roads with convict labor.

1 Timothy 5:8 says anyone who will not provide for his own house is worse than an infidel. Second Thessalonians 3:10 says, if any work not, he eats not. Verse 14 says don’t keep company with people who will not work.

We must return to Bible standards!

Bill Rogers, Fulton, Mo.

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