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April 14, 2013

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ASHLAND — Proposal means loss of choice

Do you live in the Ashland city limits and have a gravel driveway or gravel parking area?

If the Ashland Planning Commission has its way, it will be illegal to use gravel in Ashland as a final surface material. They want to specify that only asphalt or concrete is acceptable.

This is not a green option. This is an expensive option with annual maintenance required. This is another attempt of the Ashland Planning Commission to take away our freedom of choice.

If this motion is passed on April 16, the commission is taking away another choice for Ashland residents. This commission has the power to make and enforce building codes at its whim. If someone on the commission has the dislike for green metal roofs and the motion passes, then you will have a code enforcement officer coming to your door forcing you to change your roof or driveway in this matter.

Stand up to the loss of choice and be at the city commissioners chambers on Tuesday, April 16, at 2 p.m. and let your voice be heard.

Mike Slone, Ashland

State has common sense gun laws

Kentucky has true common sense gun laws. Guns are not difficult to get for law-abiding citizens, but misuse of firearms is strongly punished. Under Kentucky law if one is convicted of using a firearm in commission of a crime, the law prohibits plea bargains, parole or probation. The miscreant will do the time, amen.

NRA‚Äąpresident David Keene returned from a trip to Israel with the idea of protecting schools with armed guards. Israelis have fought terrorists for 60 years. They are comfortable with firearms and utterly practical about defending themselves against bad guys. Now, that is common sense about guns.

The best thing we could do would be to repeal law against guns on school grounds so that anyone with a concealed carry license could have the means to defend our children.

For those opposed to this idea, let me just say that holders of concealed carry permits have proven very trustworthy.

Remember, we now know that rampage shooters choose gun-free zones to stage massacres.

Steven Little, Ashland

You can’t ‘order’ a gun by mail

I have seen many letters and opinion pieces on the subject of online or internet gun sales. Most of what I've seen would make you think you can order a gun and it will be shipped to your doorstep with  no background checks.

This is misleading.  You can buy a gun on the internet but it has to be shipped to a federally license firearms dealer along with all the paper work you’ve had to fill out and send  with your order.  The FLF will do the prescribed state background check on you and if you are cleared then you can pick up your gun from the dealer — in person with adequate identification. No one else can pick it up.

You do not just “order” a gun and then wait for the U.S. mail to deliver it to you.  Any other information to the contrary is false, and if a newspaper, magazine or television personality or a politician tells you differently they are lying to you.

Gaylord Cooper, South Shore

Boyd class plans 30-year reunion

The Boyd County High School class of 1983 will have its 30-year class reunion July 26 and 27.

We have return mail and are needing to locate classmates Shelley Foust, Mary Cox, Orville Moore and James Queen. Please contact Kim Blevins Crites at (606) 465-5638, Sherry McKnight Whitt at (606) 571-5123 or Debbie Padgett Foster at (606) 922-9260. Thank you for any help

Kim Blevins Crites, Sherry McKnight Whitt, Reunion committee