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February 13, 2014

In Your View

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ASHLAND — We’re all entitled to our own beliefs

In regards to the Ph. D who wrote the “In Your View” letter published Tuesday, Feb. 11, the D stands for "dumb" as he has the right to say anything that he wants to about Christanity. This individual is so “smart,” he can tell God he didn't create the Universe.

While may have come from a slime pit, I was created in the image of God. We all have our own beliefs about everything. However, I believe in God and Jesus Christ. If I am wrong, then at death I have lost nothing. However, however those that haven't received him as their personal Savior will forever perish in an ever lasting lake of fire.

You choose what you want in this life, and l chose what the word of  God says. Have a good day in this life, it won't be in the next..

Homer Campbell, Ironton Ohio


‘Love apples’ can give you a boost

Did you eat your love apple today? This powerful nightshade, once thought to be poisonous, can actually give your bod a boost.

Of course, “love apple” is the translation of the French word for “tomato.” Tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene, which make them good for your heart and your love life. Lycopene is a key antioxidant, helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease — both big contributors to erectile dysfunction.

So if you share a big plate of pasta with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, pile on the tomato sauce, but skip the fat-filled meatballs or cholesterol-laden parmesan. You’ll want to keep your blood pumping and your arteries open for romance.

Meghan Jardine, Associate Director of Diabetes  Nutrition Education, Physicians Committee for  Responsible Medicine

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