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February 11, 2014

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ASHLAND — Death  part of life,not punishment

In his In Your View letter published Feb. 9, my cousin Earl Stewart compares apples and oranges. Evoluition has to do with the constant changes in life. Religion tries to explain away death, by having the Bible say:  "For as in Adam, all die."  Why?  Because of what is known as “original sin.”

Would a just God punish people because of a putative primal ancestor and what he is said to have done?    There was no Adam, no Eve, no Garden of Eden, no “original sin. Death is built into existence. Everything that comes into life, leaves it. The Universe itself will die — in about 25 to 30 billion years. 

Evolution knows nothing of death as a punishment. Rather, natural selection guarantees an endless, complex interconnection between natural selection and constantly changing life forms, beautiful and glorious in its existence.

All life has one source. And what was that?  About four and a half billon years ago, Earth was covered with a green slime. Every thing that has life, came from what amounts to pond scum.

Yes, I know many Creationists believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, but we’ve been making beer for two thousand years longer than that. 

Laurence J. James, Ph.D., Grayson

Recycle those plastic bottles

Considering the water problems, I would request that in your news articles regarding the city giving away bottled water, that you also encourage citizens to be socially and environmentally responsible and recycle the plastic bottles.

Neva McGuire, Ashland

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