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February 21, 2013

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ASHLAND — School blessed to be named Blazer

Paul G. Blazer was very intelligent, and he and his wife, Georgia, were strong supporters of education at colleges across Kentucky and at Marshall University. Blazer was out of town a half century ago when the Ashland school board voted to name the new school after him. It wasn’t a situation where he gave money in exchange for the name of the school.

If not for Blazer, would the class of 2013 be graduating in a fixer-upper of a school on Lexington Avenue? Somewhere along the line would Hal Rogers have thrown a hail Mary to Wendell Ford waiting in the end-zone, making them the heroes of the day with money for a new school?

Would Jim Bunning have laid down a perfect suicide bunt, allowing Mitch McConnell to slide head first into home-plate getting the cash for a school? Would Walter “Dee” Huddleston have done a Lebron James type 360, and slammed home a game winning dunk over a political enemy trying to block an Ashland school project?

Some people have said things like, “After 50 years, people don’t know who Blazer is.” It’s sad that many residents don’t know the impact Blazer had on Ashland. Hopefully our community will realize that our school and our town is built on the foundation of its history.

Perhaps fun fact markers should be displayed by each building with things like, the Blazer family made the Ashland Tennis Center possible, or that Paul Blazer was Kentucky Press Association’s  Kentuckian of the Year 1954.

I think a school that has been so blessed should be proud and embrace having a school named after such a man.

Kent Juett, Paul G. Blazer Class of 1977, Ashland

Government wants to run everything

I wasn’t going to comment on the Feb. 11 Ann McFeatters’ column, but I can’t understand how people with any intelligence can write garbage like this and still get paid.

She asked: Why are we so afraid? I’m not afraid of her, my neighbor up the street, the stranger who occasionally goes by my house, the druggie on the corner, or any one else.

What really concerns me is a government that wants to control me and everything I do; to take all my money in taxes to support him and his cronies.

What concerns me is a president who appoints who I consider to be liars, communists, Marxists, terrorists, and those involved in organized crime. A president that uses his executive power to cover up for his cabinet members when we have brave Americans murdered, to make laws that his own Congress won’t pass. This is why we have the Second Amendment: To arm and organize against a government that tries to take over our country.

Wake up, all you people who think you are getting it free. Someone is paying for it or already paid for it.

Raleigh Blair, Louisa