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June 11, 2013

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ASHLAND — Enforce the ban on loud vehicles

Recently I decided to take advantage of a warm, breezy night and take a drive through downtown.  At every stop light, however, I was accosted by a loud motorcycle. Needless to say, I did not enjoy my drive. I gave up, came home to relax on my porch, only to have another loud motorcycle drive back and forth through my neighborhood.

Enough is enough!  

I remember when I was a kid, a loud muffler guaranteed you a ticket. My question is this: When did loud mufflers become not annoying (they haven’t)?  When did they become legal (they haven’t)?  When did it become OK to blatantly disregard the law? When did the interest of a few outweigh the interest of the majority?

I would love to see the city ordinance prohibiting loud vehicles enforced again.

Tammy Howard, Ashland

BCMS archery title gets snubbed

Last week I forwarded an email to several people at The Independent telling them about the state championship that Boyd County Middle School’s 3D Archery team won. On Sunday, there was a small caption under the team’s picture on the last page of the sports section. That’s it. The caption included the coaches names but did not include the team member names. Really! These kids work as hard as they do and do not even get their name in the paper.

This is the first state championship won by any school in Boyd County since the Boyd County baseball team in 2001 and all we get is a small paragraph and picture on the last page of the sports section.  A local 5K run and a local tennis tournament got the front page and a big writeup. Really!

Ashland Kittens lose in the softball tournament and get the front page of the paper.  Really!

Come on, people, these kids won a state championship! Give them the respect they deserve. Not the last page in the sports section!

Sarah Dotson, Boyd County

1963 Blazer class needs addresses

The Paul G. Blazer High School Class of 1963 (the first graduating class from Blazer) will be having a 50-year class reunion Friday, Sept. 20, and Saturday, Sept. 21. All 1963 classmates are invited to attend.

The following names are classmates for whom we have no contact information. If you have information on these names, please contact Ken Smith at (606) 571-3861, email kksmith4@windstream.net or Sheila Thornbury at (606) 585-7407, email sheilav@bellsouth.net.

Diann Mary Barnett Moore, Nancy Josephine Hills, Charlee Sheryl Hoke, Paula Jean Holbrook, Ramona Hunt, Donald May, Mike Moore, Sandra Sue Newsom, Shirley V. Payne Brown, Jennifer Lynn Quillen Smith, Jaynie Darlene Scott, Cheryle Robin Shaffer, Sandra Lynn Sloan, Susan Smedley Burks, Susan Irene Taylor, Joyce Earlene Wiley Schultetus, Larry Richard Williams, Mike Wilson and Nancy Alice York.

Ken Smith, Russell

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