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November 18, 2012

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ASHLAND — McConnell elected to represent state

I have read several letters in this paper saying U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell should make changes and vote more liberal now because President Obama won a second term. Obama winning the election is supposed to be a sign that elected Republican officials have lost touch with what voters want.

First off, Senator McConnell was elected by the voters of Kentucky, not Ohio or New York or California. The majority of Kentucky voters voted for Mitt Romney, not Obama! Although President Obama received considerably more electoral votes, his margin of popular votes was much smaller.

Senator McConnell, who was elected by and who serves the voters of Kentucky, should do what the majority of Kentucky voters want! The majority of Kentucky voters voted for Romney, not Obama. Therefore, it is safe to say that Kentucky voters have shown with their votes that they want no part of Obamacare or the Obama socialist agenda.

If Kentucky voters want a senator who supports Obama’s agenda, then in two years Senator McConnell will not be re-elected. Until then, the majority of Kentucky have shown with their votes that Senator McConnell should carry on with the agenda Kentucky voters elected him on.

Joe Bounds, Ashland

Grayson doesn‘t need alcohol sales

This is in reference to the petition to make part of Grayson wet.

Lest everyone believe everyone in Grayson is totally naive, let me say that alcohol is just another drug. We have spent  housands of dollars fighting drugs and trying to save our children from addiction to drugs. Now some want to legalize a drug inside our city limits.

As for prosperity, for every dollar we realize, we will spend $3 dealing with the side effects of this drug. Throwing our children under the bus is not progress.

I may not be cool or modern, but I am smart enough to know when I am well off. So If you don’t want this, get up and go vote against it on Jan. 15, Mark your calendar.

Carolyn Suttles, Grayson

Hydrants now, equipment later

Thursday’s Independent had a story by Ronnie Ellis on the subject of Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen’s conclusion that the unregulated taxing districts spend as much as the total of education expenses. While we are waiting for legislation, we should examine where we are and make recommendations to our elected officials. For simplicity I will address only the volunteer fire departments (which I have done previously in this same forum and the fiscal court).

From the auditor’s data, we see that out of 195 fire departments only three in the state were in full compliance of (1) responding to his survey, (2) submitting a budget, (3) complying with UFIR (Uniform Financial Information Reports) and (4) submitting an audit. None of those three were located in our area.

My issue is not what they failed to submit to the authorities, but what they failed to submit to their taxing citizens — fire hydrants!

I believe all of these units have the worst fire rating of 10, the maximum. If they spent their tax dollars on borrowed money for fire hydrants instead of the most modern, new equipment, they could slowly, area by area, under a master plan, install fire hydrants to get those areas down to a 6 rating, saving the local homeowners about 40 percent of their home insurance premiums.

This is what the legislators should address in their proposed legislation; the fire units plans to get a better fire rating now, not newer equipment now. Hydrants now, equipment later.

William B Secrest, Argentum

Is America still a friend of Israel?

Is the U.S.A. still a friend of Israel?

The Bible gives very clear directions to the nations, particularly to the Christians, about their conduct and responsibilities toward Israel.

If this advice is heeded, God promises to bless both parties — the giver and the recipient. These directions are mostly given in the imperative form and are therefore commands.

If you want to know God’s will regarding your relationship with Israel, and at the same time secure blessings for yourself and your nation, then do these things first. Bless them, in the beginning, with the calling of Abraham, God said,  “I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

To bless somebody is to ask God’s favor or protection for him. Those who are against God also turn against his people: “Those who hate you have taken crafty counsel against your people, they have said: Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more” (Psalms 83:2—4). (Iran now says this.)

Do you want to enjoy the blessings of the Lord? Then serve Him with all your heart and bless His people, do not curse them as many nations now so do!

“Comfort, My people!” says God. Speak comfort to Jerusalem.” (Is. 40:1—2). To be in comfort is the state of being free from anxiety or suffering, and having ones physical needs satisfied. Is the U.S.A. comforting the people of Israel who are experiencing anxiety in a hostile region, and are victims of an international campaign of anti-Semitism, and who also experience financial hardships and unemployment in their own small country?

Charles W. Holbrook, Flatwoods

Plot line leads her to not watch show

This is my favorite part of the paper. I enjoy reading what people have to say, so here goes.

I know a lot of people watch a TV soap opera called “Days of Our Lives.” This year the storyline is about being gay so I wrote to Soap Digest and asked them to use common sense in doing this.

I’m not against gays. This is between them and God.

However, I am against any TV show that tries to shove it down my throat saying this is normal. So, after 40 years, I gave up watching a show I liked because I felt they were going too far with the sex scenes between these two guys.

I wrote to my TV station. I’m not the only one who has complained and they have been in contact with the FCC.

If this bothers you, then please write to your TV station and the FCC. Maybe they will understand how the viewers feel about this.

Gaile Owens, Ashland