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January 26, 2014

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ASHLAND — Letting McGlone go was a mistake

I was glad to see Sean Horne take over as superintendent of the Russell schools. He grew up next door to me.

But I ask the superintendent if the dismissal of Russell football coach Ivan McGlone was the right thing to do.

I know from experience that some people from Russell have a lot more influence than others. Back around 2000 and 2002, there was a handful of us who were putting in countless hours at the football stadium, painting the big ”R” on the field, putting up the fire-breathing Devil, painting handrails all around the stadium, hanging signs and banners.  Where were all those influential people then?

 One year we raised money to purchase a PA system to play music while the boys were warming up. I was shown a letter from a woman asking us to stop playing that music because she came to the games early to socialize and she could not do that because of the noise.

A little bit at a time, that lady won out. Of all the people who say it was time for a change, I bet some of them are also just at the game to socialize.  Some will go home and not even know what the score was.

Maybe we don’t need a new coach; we need a new support system. Most fans have never seen the small sign on the gym that reads, “These eyes are not to be referred to as the devil’s eyes, but the eyes of determination as seen in the  eyes of the class of 2003.”

A lot of that determination came for Coach Ivan McGlone and his staff.

After Coach McGlone’s service to our sons and some of their fathers for 30-plus yeas, he should have been able to stay even if he was on life support.

Louis Gabbard, Flatwoods 

Cruel owners let their pets freeze

I am very concerned about the area’s heartless and cruel pet owners.

I have seen so many in the last week with frozen water bowls and a few dogs were frozen to the ground.

If they don't want to care for their pets, let someone who will. I am so saddened by a dead dog found frozen to the ground near my home.

People, please take your dogs to a warm location until the weather breaks. How many of you would like to sleep on the icy cold ground in sub zero temps with no water, food or shelter ?

  Peggy Ball,  Ashland

Give honor to first American

We have days set aside each ar to honor or bring attention to almost everything you can think of.

The Indians were here many hundred of years before 1492. They would have had to come from the area of where the Garden of Eden existed, through what is now Russia and into what is now Alaska and then through our country and on down into South America.

They taught the settlers many things about hunting, fishing and how to survive in a strange land.

A lot of our Western movies of the past have tried to portray them as savages. Remember their land was being taken over by outsiders.

One of our great blots on our history is the Trail of Tears carried out by our federal government where thousands died on the way to the Oklahoma territory.

In the 1950s, I traveled through some of the Indian reservations and saw their living conditions.

There were great protectors of land. When the settlers came they found some of the largest trees in the world, millions of animals, including deer, turkeys, squirrels, buffalos, rabbits and many other kinds of animals. They found streams of pure water, pure air and a clean environment with no forest fires scattered everywhere.

We know they would have suffered many hardships of sickness, cold, without modern transportation and many other things we enjoy today.

Can’t we find a place in the calendar for them? They were like a very conservative parent in giving us or letting us take a country which was like a gold mine.

Lloyd Dean, Morehead

Kershaw’s deal called unrealistic

After reading an article in your paper the other day about Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw being signed to a seven-year baseball contract, reportedly worth a total of $215 million, I had to sit down for a moment and ponder this item of news.  First, I’m not here to belittle Mr. Kershaw or his right to receive such a free-market value for his services. 

What I wish to discuss for a moment is how skewed I believe that the thinking and reasoning of Major League Sports’ management has become when it puts such an enormously high value on winning games. I stress “games.” Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey — they’re just games played by humans for entertainment to a collective body of fans in reality.  None of it is truly a life-and-death scenario.  Yet, the game(s) have taken on an unrealistic monetary value that only a hand full of individuals benefit financially from.

Mr. Kershaw will average (based on previous statistics for him) $8,676.35 per pitch that he will throw in an average year.  Mr. Kershaw will earn an average of $930,735.93 for each game he starts.  He will get paid $13,030,303.02 for winning an average of 14 games.  And he will receive $8,376,623.37 for losing an average of 9 games. He has won 62 percent of his major league games that he has played in. He has never won a World Series.  

Seriously, is there anyone else who finds major league sports losing its perspective on life? How much does the average sanitation worker make in a year for keeping your garbage picked up?  Do we really care about perspective?  Probably not.   

David A. Lynch, Ashland

A question on Obamacare

What will happen to newly insured people in Kentucky if Obamacare is repealed?

Lise Molberg, Ashland

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