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October 13, 2013

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ASHLAND — Tired of games politicians play

As a citizen, I wonder why our government is shut down.

I’ll tell you why: The U.S. government is being ran by corrupt leaders who are only there to fund and support “big business and the wealthy.”

A government shutdown is like euthanizing the United States as we know it.  It’s not right, not one bit right.

We have a problem in Washington, D.C. As average Americans, we’d like to stop this shutdown, but we can’t because we’re not qualified. We vote these individuals in office in hopes that somebody would stand up, not sit down. This nation has a heart, and right now, her heart is breaking.

The men and women we’ve voted for year after year, time and time again, are tearing down the walls President George Washington built. I wonder if Heaven has a 24-hour  window, and if so, I wonder what President Washington and his many successors who are with him are thinking.

I’m just one American, but like many others, I’m tired of politicians and their lobbyist friends playing games with our 246-year-old nation. It’s time to stop. Let’s call a truce, because after all, while the politicians may disagree, we’re still, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

May God bless America!

Joshua A. Presley, Russell

The shutdown terrifies him

This is in response to the Oct. 8 letter from MSgt. (Ret.) Skip Crabtree of Russell concerning Carrie Stambaugh’s Oct. 4 column.

MSgt Crabtree sounds like a pretty smart guy and I’m just a good ol’ country boy. He used a lot of words I had to look up in the dictionary. While I had the dictionary open, I looked up “terrorist.” Terrorist, according to Webster, is “one who inspires fear” and terrorism means “a systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

I’m terrified about the shutting down of our government. So, I am pretty sure the government shutdown by the Tea Party-led Republicans qualifies as terrorism.

I also looked up anarchy. According to Webster, anarchy is  “a state of political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority.” The Republicans in Congress will not pay our bills, effectively shutting down the U.S. government (anarchy) over a bill that was passed by the legislative branch of our government, signed by President Obama, tested in court and found to be constitutionally sound. Thus, the shutdown seems “a systematic use of terror.” Our government policy is “we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

Anyway, I also looked up invective and I have come to the conclusion that “terrorist” and “anarchist” fits certain Republicans.

My parents have a fixed income and were spending about one third of their yearly income on medical expenses. Under the new health care system, their Humana premium would drop from $113.88 each to $48 each. A saving of $790.56 per year. That’s a lot of money to my parents.

The real issue is the Tea Party and Koch Brothers Republicans are going to stifle and already slow recovery by letting us go into default over a bill that has nothing to do with the payment of our bills.

Jack Maggard, Ashland

Letter a source of much laughter

This is in regards to Melinda Hester’s letter published Oct. 9.

Ms. Hester thinks words like hysterical and irrational are offensive and Republicans are more reserved and don’t say such terrible things. What a joke! I could hardly stop laughing. She must have a delicate vocabulary and a fragile ego.

Remember the Tea Party rallies with their posters or signs calling our president a Nazi, a communist, Hitler, the anti-Christ, questioning his place of birth? That’s offensive.

Carrie Stambaugh is absolutely correct, only she could have added words like immature, deceitful, conniving, un-American, hypocritical, disrespectful.

These words describe today’s Republican Party to a “T” (as in Tea Party).

Ms. Hester should change her cat’s name from Me Sue to More Poo and put on her rose-colored glasses and watch the clowns on Fox News fill her head with more baloney!

Mickey Wells, Ashland

Crudity rolls off pen for writer

On Oct. 9, a woman from Catlettsburg had a letter in The Independent. In that letter, she used an expression so vulgar, rude, crude and plain unattractive that I was astonished the paper gave her leave to do that.  What astonishes me is not just that, but the spiritual blindness of the woman, who obviously sees herself as “superior.”  A Great Lady in disguise?  While reproaching another woman for “name-calling,” she suggests that she herself would never do such a thing. 

That  became  problematical when, in fact, she was doing that very thing in  the vulgarity published in Wednesday's paper. She speciously offered to “apologize” for the other woman’s way of thinking. More moral blindness.

She cannot apologize for anything she herself did not do.  She could apologize for her own vulgarity, but cannot. Crudity rolls off her pen, as though she were one of the Good Ol’ Boys on the street.

“Ah, would some power the Giver  give us, to see ourselves as others see us."  Yes, translated Robbie Burns from Scots, into English. 

Andrew L. J. James, Grayson

Ashland, county deserve praise

So many times we find it easy to criticize our local governments for the things they have not done and condemn their actions. What about the times they do so much for us? Should we not appreciate those things?

I commend both the city of Ashland and Boyd County government for the latest fall cleanup they provided. It saved much trash from being scattered over county and city properties and hazardous waste items from being disposed of in a manner to pollute or cause air quality concerns.

I thank a group that does not get a lot of attention but are there 24/7: our volunteer fire departments in the Summit-Ironville and Cannonsburg. They were called the other day to a neighbor’s home in response to an alarm. The response was almost immediate and I must comment the captains of the two fire departments who responded.

 They both assessed the situation, directed the firefighters to the action and worked in harmony to avert a most critical situation. I commend both departments.

When they respond they should have the best and latest equipment in order to provide the maximum protection to the firefighters and the community.

I thank the county road department employees who are always working to save the taxpayer by doing the work instead of bidding it out. They have again saved the county considerable amounts of money.

Again from a county resident, thank you Boyd County and Ashland city governments for another year.

If only our federal government would work as the locals do, we would not be in the situation our nation is in.

Robert M. Newman, Ashland

Paul, Cruz are heroes to him

I am writing in response to a letter published Oct. 6 headlined “Dr. Seuss books have a message for all.” 

The writer’s message was that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz could learn from these children’s books, that Dr. Seuss would not be a fan of these senators.

The writer might be better served by reading adult books which demonstrate how socialists countries who spend excessively more than their revenue end in bankruptcy. (i.e. Greece).

The fact that the United States is $17 trillion in debt and growing places this country in this unenviable direction. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are fighting to stem the tide and bring our government spending under control.

 These men are heroes to me. I hope they coalesce the conservative caucus in their fight.

Ken Whiteley, Louisville