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December 6, 2012

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ASHLAND — Loss of water remains a mystery

On Friday afternoon, Nov. 30, I went to take a shower. Guess what? No water.

I called every number in phone book, and no one knew why my water was off. I finally left Mr. Dollin a message. He finally called said he didn’t know why my water was off and said he would send someone out. Well, two hours later no one showed up, but the water came back on.

We poor folks on Catletts Creek do not know if they had a leak or if it was in a creek where sewer is orf not. We don’t know whether to boil water or not. It seems to me we are left to guess whether to drink the water or not.

You would think with radios in all or most of trucks and cell phones on a lot of belts, not to mention computers, someone in the Ashland water system could tell me why my water was off.

It seems to me they just don’t care. I think we deserve better. Maybe commissioners could check on this.

Arvil Conner, Catlettsburg

Jim Fout made them better

Everyone should be so blessed to come in contact with such a good and kind person as Jim Fout. He was a wonderful friend to us.

We became acquainted with Jim and Helen Fout through our local church food pantry at Cannonsburg Trinity United Methodist Church around 2004 or 2005. Jim Fout and Ray Moore with River Cities Harvest heard about our pantry and they were very helpful in seeing that the pantry was supplied with food whenever and wherever it was available.

In about 2004, we cut back our volunteering with our church pantry and started working more with River Cities Harvest as volunteers with encouragement from Jim Fout. He was such an inspiration to us both and helped us to realize we could help a lot of people in need with a little time and effort.

We will always be grateful to Jim and Helen for their support and we will surely miss Jim and always remember him with great love and respect. Jim and Helen Fout made us better people.

Charles and Ruth Rice, Catlettsburg

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