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November 27, 2012

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ASHLAND — Cartoon maligns 2 fine Americans

It was with some sadness and anger, but not much surprise, that I viewed the cartoon in your opinion/commentary page of Nov. 19 maligning two fine Americans.

Sen. John McCain has served his country well! After being shot down and enduring six years of hell for this country, he continues to serve even after some have apparently forgotten. Well, some of us haven’t!

 And Condoleezza Rice has impressed me from the start. She is of proven grit, capability and intellect.

 I know which Rice I would prefer, and it’s not Uncle Ben’s.

John J. Bailey, Olive Hill

Brice Thornbury a great teacher

It was with sadness that we learned of the passing of Brice Thornbury. His mother, Nancy, was a longtime teacher at Ironville Elementary School and obviously a good influence.

Mark Maynard’s article credited Mr. Thornbury for his athletic and coaching achievements. But he was a giant of a man in many more ways.

Brice is considered among the best advanced math teachers in the history of Boyd County High School. Without being at all critical of his peers, it was unusual for a “coach” back in those days to also be considered a serious “teacher.”

In his class, we knew the pop quizzes were coming at us every week. We feared these, but we knew the pressure was his way giving us a taste of life’s lessons and his version of “tough love.”

He could draw complicated problems on a blackboard quicker than an engineering draftsman. In his 1974 geometry class, he breezed through the entire book with three weeks to spare in the school year. We thought it was life on “Easy Street” from there. Little did we know, he then taught us a year’s worth of trigonometry in that final three weeks.

In short, Brice was a stern but fair disciplinarian. We from the BCHS class of 1975 will never forget him.

Paul Amburgey, Ashland