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November 28, 2012

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ASHLAND — McConnell must reach compromise

Sen. Mitch McConnell has the power to prevent the passage of a budget that would avoid a “fiscal cliff. “ Mr. McConnell, now it is time for a compromise.  

A compromise should include the end of the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of the American population. In this economic climate (a $13 trillion budget deficit), it’s fair to ask those who are making $250,000 or more a year to pay more.

An article titled “The Lost Decade of the Middle Class” published by the Pew Research Center documents a shrinking middle class. “In 2011, this middle-income tier included 51 percent of all adults; back in 1971, using the same income boundaries, it had included 61 percent.

“Over the same period, only the upper-income tier increased its share in the nation’s household income pie. It now takes in 46 percent, up from 29 percent four decades ago. The middle tier now takes in 45 percent, down from 62 percent four decades ago. The lower tier takes in 9 percent, down from 10 percent four decades ago.”

It’s also time for cuts in the defense budget. A chart published by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, supported by data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in the Oct. 23, 2012, Los Angeles Times shows our country now spends more on its military than the next 13 countries combined. Total defense spending for fiscal year 2011 was $711 billion compared to the $695 billion spent by the combined military budgets of the 13 countries.

With federal budget deficits in the trillions, we can afford to make reasonable cuts in our bloated military budget. We no longer need a military outlay designed to fight two conventional wars simultaneously. Even the Pentagon agrees that strategy is outdated and cuts can be made.

Please let McConnell know it is time for a compromise.

Jim Johnson, Louisville

Star Elementary is great school

Congratulations to Star Elementary School in Carter County! Our children attended Star Elementary and we now have a grandchild in her last year there. We have always been extremely pleased with the education our family received at Star.

Star is small and has often been overlooked concerning building upgrades. However, we have always been blessed with excellent teachers and staff. Thanks to all of the staff and kudos to the students who worked so hard to be a “School of Distinction.” We are so proud of you!

Gordon and Brenda Womack, Grayson

Items sought for animals

For the 14th year, 0akview Elementary School students are collecting tiems for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens at our local animal shelter and dogs and puppies at the Ashland Animal Rescue Fund shelter.

Collections began Monday and will continue through Dec. 19. The following items are being sought: towels, sheets, blankets, shampoo, brushes, dry pet food, toys, rawhide chews, treats and any other new or used items the animals could use.

 Donations may be dropped off at Oakview Elementary School, 3111 Blackburn Ave., Ashland. The school’s phone number is (606) 327-2733.

Leigh Ann Baker, Primary teacher, Oakview Elementary, Ashland

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