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January 17, 2013

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ASHLAND — Fairview board tries to block vote

 The Fairview Board of Education is seeking an injunction to invalidate the petitions signed by community residents calling for a vote on the utility tax. Board members are tying to make it sound like this is “normal procedure” but when have you ever heard of this before?

I am saddened that these people are so desperate that they will try to undermine the will of the people. They are using taxpayers’ money to take away the people’s right to petition for a vote. 

Citizens don’t have the funds to hire lawyers to protect their rights. These heavy-handed tactics intimidate people from believing that they can call for a recall vote on taxes. They have used the residents’ own money to try to strip us of our rights.

I hope people will see this for what it really is and stand against it. Let everyone you know that your voting rights are being assaulted. I truly believe that our judicial system will allow the voice of the voters to be heard and that people’s rights will be preserved.

All the citizens of his community want is the right to vote on what taxes we have to pay.

Bill Coburn, Ashland  

Blazer ’63 class seeks classmates

The Paul G. Blazer High School Class of 1963 is planning its 50th reunion for this fall. We are trying to find information on the following classmates. If you can supply any information for these people, please call Ken Smith at (606) 571-3861 or Sheila Kerns Thornbury at (606) 585-7407.

Missing members are:

Una Carol Akers, Mary Katherine Ball-Castle, Katherine Lee Bandy, Diann Mary Barnett-Moore, Curtis Bryan, John Wayne Carroll, George H. Clark, Virgil Michael Conley, Michael Dawson, William Michael Duncan and Kenneth Russell Earley.

Marie Oakley French, Michael Wallace Fugitt, Patricia Ann Hale, James Sterling Hall, Wendell Carol Hall, Carl Hickman, Nancy Josephine Hills, Charlee Sheryl Hoke, Paula Jean Holbrook, Ramona Hunt and Lee Irving.

Gary Lee Johnson, Jeanette Johnson-Stone, John J. Johnson, Shirley Ann Johnson-Williams, Henry B. Lanning, Carolyn Jean Martin, Donald May and Roy Edward McClain.

Johnnie Louise McComis, Raymond Fayne McFarlin, Carole Ann McGraw-Humburger, Pamela Sue Miller, Floyd Bryan Moles, James W. Moore, Mike Moore, Susan Phyllis Nalle-Fohs, Sandra Sue Newsom and Michael K. Osborne.

Shirley V. Payne-Brown, Charles Sidney Price, Jennifer Lynn Quillen-Smith, Robert Blaine Reutherford, Harvey Edward Rose, O’Donna Faye Salyers, Jaynie Darlene Scott, Cheryle Robin Shaffer, William Cyril Simpson and Richard Earl Sloan.

Sandra Lynn Sloan, Susan Smedley-Burks, Linda Sue Smith, Willie Smith, John Mason Steele, Susan Irene Taylor, Edith Mae Thomas, Alene Tolbert, Clyde Trimble, Mary Frances Tufts, Larry Richard Williams and Nancy Alice York.

Ken Smith, Russell