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August 31, 2013

Words of Thanks

The Independent

ASHLAND — On Aug. 24, Safe Harbor celebrated its sixth annual Lobster Fest. I thank Safe Harbor’s Board of Directors, the Boyd County Medical Alliance, Susan Fried and her committee and our staff for a great event. A special thank-you also goes to our sponsors, whose continued support has helped Safe Harbor meet the growing need across the FIVCO Area Development District for domestic violence services.

This fundraiser will help us renovate, update and expand the emergency shelter to give us much-needed additional beds.

Again, thanks to all our supporters.

Ann Perkins, Executive director, Safe Harbor


I recently learned that a very important, wise and caring doctor of mine was retiring.

I thank Dr. Richard E. Paulus for his expertise and care he has given me since 1996, and last but not least, for his bedside manner and for the dedication he has shown not only to me but to his other patients. I witnessed this many times during my 13 years as a King’s Daughters Medical Center volunteer. 

It saddens me that the community is losing the dedication of a doctor that I personally believe loved his job and was good at it. Did he make mistakes? Probably. None of us our perfect in this “fleshy body” that entombs the real “us.”

I thank Dr. Paulus for the care he gave  me. My prayer is that he finds as much fulfillment in retirement as he did as a doctor. He will be missed.

D. Faye Stringham, Ashland


While waiting in line to have my driver’s license renewed recently, I group of young people in front of me allowed me to go ahead of them. It was a small gesture, but I really appreciated it. It showed me that there are still young people today who are polite, courteous and sensitive to the needs of others. I do not know who those young people were but I thank them for their kindness.

Etta Swinney, Ashland

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