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October 17, 2012

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ASHLAND — Are the tyrants already ruling?

The Democratic National Committee took God out of its platform and the party’s convention delegates concurred.

This reminded me of the words of William Penn, who was a devout Quaker and a huge proponent of equal rights long before those words were ever coined. He ran the government of his North American colony, later to become the state of Pennsylvania, according to democratic principles he set down. These principles served as the inspiration and the very foundations of the United States Constitution.

In one of his most famous tracts, William Penn wrote: “Those who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.”

Are the tyrants already ruling?

Sudie King, Ashland

Few destroying Christian nation

In 1776, our Declaration of Independence was signed, a decree signed by men with God and religious freedom in mind.

Abraham Lincoln stood up for folks who were not free. John F. Kennedy again stood up for Americans who were being discriminated against.

This country was founded and fought for freedom with God and religion being key ingredients. Since then, our elected senators and representatives, presidents,  judges and Cabinet members have allowed the dismantling of the Declaration of Independence and its godly intent, including simple prayer in public and the Democratic Party removing God from its 2012 platform.

Men and women remained silent and allowed the destruction of America and the core values on which she was founded.

My heart aches for a country considered a shining example of a godly nation. I hang my head knowing we allowed a few to destroy our Christian nation.

Charles Duke Sheridan, Ironton

‘Pink awareness’ effort defended

I was surprised to read the Oct. 16 letter criticizing the “pink awareness” campaigns. It must be a comfort for all breast cancer survivors and those who have loved or cared for someone who has fought this battle to see others recognizing the efforts to find a cure for this and all cancers.

 Sports teams showing  their support by wearing pink can be a powerful platform simply because of  the visibility they have in the media and the attention they receive from society. Most of these men have surely been touched by this or some other form of cancer in their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Any campaign that brings hope of a cure seems to be a worthy effort.

Cathy Sizemore, Flatwoods

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