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November 11, 2012

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ASHLAND — Redeem yourself, Mitch McConnell

Sometime back, I remember U.S. Sen. Mich McConnell saying that his main goal was to be sure that President Obama would be a one-term president.

The results are now in and President Obama has been elected to a second term. McConnell has been shown to be a complete failure in accomplishing what he claimed was his main goal.

Now that the snator has  been exposed as a failure in what he considered his main job, perhaps he could devote a little more time and effort to the legislative process rather than sitting with arms crossed and pouting like a spoiled child.

As it turns out, the Kentuckians who elected McConnell have always thought that legislator should have been his job description rather than obstructor.

The election is over. Get to work, Senator McConnell, and redeem yourself by legislating over the remaining months of your term.

Thomas  Williams, Ashland

30 under 30 is real tribute

What a marvelous tribute and documentary to those 30 under 30 who are making great strides to live work and enjoy life here in the region!

The Insight section is a testament and tribute to the will and belief many have in resurrecting the Tri-State to what it was and what it can be for all!

I know some of those profiled and am glad to say they have a passion and commitment to the making a difference right here in the place we all chose to call home and not run off to some big city, grass-is-greener thinking place.

I applaud the efforts of the Independent for this journalistic recognition, as I myself was one of the recent 40 over 40 documented persons in the news. May we all work together and take action to make a difference for the positive future and potential progress of our region.

Vincenzo Fressola, President, Ashland Rotary Club,  Ashland

Night Without Home is Nov. 15

National Hunger and Homeless Awareness week is November 10-18.

From 10 a.m to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15, Shelter of Hope, in collaboration with Ashland Community Kitchen and Neighbors Helping Neighbors, will be hosting a ”Stand Down” at the The Neighborhood on 2516 Carter Ave. in Ashland. This event will bring several agencies together at one site, at the same time, for one purpose. That purpose is to provide direct services and resources to families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the Boyd and Greenup county area.

Some of the services and resources available include  veteran initiatives, housing, medical, counseling, food, clothing, employment, education and more.

The Shelter of Hope will also be spending one Night Without A Home on the streets of Ashland, during the evening of Nov. 16 from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Rain, shine, sleet or snow)

This awareness-raising event is open to individuals and groups who are looking for a humbling experience focusing on the physical aspects of homelessness, just one week before the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be guest speakers, music, candle-light vigil and prayer, as well as other activities throughout the evening.

We’re asking that all participants bring a collection of toiletry items to help stock our pantry. Participants should also dress warmly and bring their own chair or box to sit on.

Join us on the vacant lot behind First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at 1930 Winchester Ave., Ashland.

Candy Goldie, VISTA, Public Relations Coordinator, Shelter of Hope, Ashland