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January 7, 2014

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ASHLAND — Keelin has been excellent sheriff

A few weeks ago I made a visit to the Boyd County Sherriff’s Department to make sure our taxes were paid as my wife couldn’t find the bill during the busy pre-Christmas season.  Fortunately, we had already paid the bill in October. What a great oversight to experience. 

Now, I don’t visit the sheriff’s office often.  However, I do keep up with what the sheriff and his deputies are doing. They are doing criminal investigations and making drug arrests in our community.  Good for them.  We need to keep the drug users and the drug dealers at bay.  I believe they’re doing an outstanding job and I’m certain the excellent law enforcement and office management starts at the top.  And that would be Sherriff Terry Keelin.

I’ve lived in Ashland all my life and I’m certain we’ve had some great sheriffs in our community going back to the late George Hall, but Terry Keelin has raised the bar of performance as a sheriff to an all-time high. 

His office staff is pleasant. They show you they are there to assist the taxpayer.  During my recent visit I noticed the drive-thru window allowing citizens to pay their taxes from their vehicle.

Sheriff Keelin accomplished this and I asked myself, why this didn’t happen decades ago. This was a great move by the sherriff’s office.

Terry has announced publicly that he will not seek re-election. I can understand that. He served as an outstanding member of the Kentucky State Police for several years and after retiring from the KSP, he sought the job as sheriff and has made it his final career in our community. We will miss Terry Keelin and his efficient management.  I wish Terry and his family the best.

Frank Salisbury, Ashland

Brennaman true face of the Reds

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of meeting Reds’ announcer Marty Brennaman when he was visiting Ashland. I have several memories about his 40 years of broadcasting Reds’ games. 

He took over for Al Michaels in 1974 which was just in time for him to call Hank Aaron’s 714th career home run that tied Babe Ruth's record. That happened opening day and I still have the recording on audio cassette tape.

Another memory deals with the last week of the 1974 season. The Reds had a two game series with the Braves and the Dodgers had a three game series with the Astros. Marty and his partner, Joe Nuxhall, used an off day to broadcast the game with the Dodgers. Since the Internet and ESPN didn’t exist at that time, this was helpful to Reds’ fans keeping track of the Western Division race.

The Dodgers lost that game which kept the Reds alive for one more day.  

During the baseball strikes of 1981 and 1994, Marty and Joe broadcast simulated games between Reds’ teams of the past and other great National and American League teams. They would use computer statistics of these teams and put them in the form of a script. They would announce each game from the script.  It was very realistic!

 During Marty Brennaman's career the Reds have had championship seasons, average seasons, and dismal seasons. Through it all, Marty and “his team” have kept the interest of the fans by exhibiting “exceptional” performances in the broadcast booth.

Marty has also been very charitable with his time in raising money for the sick and underprivileged.

In my opinion, Marty Brennaman is the “true face” of the Reds’ organization. He has been a winner in every sense. “This one belongs to you, Marty!”

                                                                            Bryan Fleming, Ashland 

She wants our government back

Somewhere between high-dollar lobbyists, the Federalist Society, ALEC and Citizens United, our government ceased to be for the people, by the people. It sent our jobs to other countries, and cut the safety nets our most vulnerable populations rely on for survival.

The framers of our Constitution warned us on the dangers of oligarchy, and yet here we are. We want our democracy back.

Lisa Warmbrod, Ashland