ASHLAND The Pendleton Art Center has a new owner a few months after the downtown property was listed on the real estate market.

Dr. Everett Gevedon purchased the historic Winchester Avenue building June 29th from its former owners.

Gevedon bought the building June 29th 2017, according to the property deed.

The building, which was actually two buildings renovated together, features two floors and a basement on one side and three floors and a basement on the other.

Gevedon purchased the building from the  Pendleton Art Center LLC. an Ohio based company owned by James Verdin, president of Thirteen Ten Pendleton Corporation. Gevedon bought the building for $125,000, according to the deed. He reportedly has plans to make changes to the building.

“ Plans right now are to keep the left side of the building art studios,” Building Manager Denise Spaulding said. “The right, Dr. Gevedon is looking into finding a nice restaurant chain to go in.”

Plans for the upper levels of the building have not been decided on yet but Spaulding said there is a section set up for office spaces.

“I’m not sure if he is going to make it housing or find businesses, but the cleanup process is already happening,” Spaulding said.

The Pendleton has been a staple in the downtown community for many years, hosting several art events and art shows, along with several locally-owned restaurants getting their start in the building. The Pendleton also hosts special art classes throughout the year including Paint with the Pros on Ashland in Motion’s First Fridays.

“As of right now those are the plans for the main level, but that could change anytime,” Spaulding said. “I know from the conversations I had with him he is looking to expand the art section.”

Currently the building has about five artist renting studio space, but Spaulding said, Gevedon has plans to open up the venue to more artist including crafters and quilters in the future. Gevedon was not available for an interview this week.

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