MELINDA HESTER: Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving

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Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2012 12:35 am

Black Friday is in full swing. Already we are seeing great deals on Krazy Coupon Lady’s Like page on Facebook.

Every day she runs ads on toys, books, Christmas cards, brand-name magazines and clothing. Many items are totally free.

K-Mart is advertising great deals with the “Triple Door Buster” event starting at 6 a.m. Thanksgiving morning until 4 p.m., and Black Friday at 8 p.m that night. Christmas Trees are 50 percent off and Christmas decorations are 33 to 50 percent off.

Members get double bonus points on many items. This is in the form of store bucks that you can use at the register. Members get unlimited free shipping for 90 days. Member coupon in ad for free Smart Sense vegetable oil if you spend $20.

Belk’s After Thanksgiving Sale starts Sunday with a 20 percent off in-ad coupon.

Early bird sale: Rampage, Baxter and Buckley brand boots are $19.99; red dot clearance 75 percent off, coupons for 25 percent off in-ad from 3 a.m. to 10 a..m. on Friday. Many jewelry items are 70 percent off. Many handbags are 50 percent off. These are considered early bird specials. I would suggest getting an ad, study it, decide what you want and read the coupon carefully. Have an envelope with the coupon inside and the items written on the outside of the envelope. Write on it the time for the sale.


This is the big sale of the year. Two full pages of totally free items.

CVS works by you paying the price stated, and then they give you back that amount in store bucks. For instance, Charmin Basic is 99 cents. You pay that, use your 25-cent coupon. At the end of your transaction, CVS will give you a 99-cent store coupon. You were paid 25 cents to do this one. Use your coupons for maximum savings. You will actually be paid to buy many of these items.

‰ThermaCare heat wrap - $3.49, use $1 coupon, and CVS gives you back $3.49. Advil $2.99, use $1 coupon equals $1.99 at register, and CVS gives you back $2.99.

‰Glade Plug Ins - $1.25, use $1 coupon, equals 25 cents at register, and CVS gives you back $1.25. There are two full pages of totally free things. This will be the longest register tape you will have this year. If you’ve always wanted your picture with a very long register tape, proving you are a great couponer, this is your chance. It will be as long as your house.

You can use store bucks from previous shopping trips and also any bucks that might come from the coupon machine to help pay for this order. With the bucks coming back from this order, you may want to buy toys, Hallmark items, and there is even a laptop computer for $99.99. Many great gift ideas like a Duraflame Electric Heater Stove. Let your store bucks bring that price down.

‰American Greetings Chilly Dog $5.99 if you buy three American Greeting Cards of $1.99 or up get $3 EB back.

‰Almay Eye Make Up Remover $4.99, $2 EB, minus $2 coupon in today’s newspaper.

‰Color Theory Eye Lip Color Palette $2.99, $2 EB equals 99 cents. Makes a great gift

‰Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner $2.99, $1.50 coupon equals $1.49 each.

‰Lumene Facial Care. You can print up to four coupons from Lumene website for $4 each. That’s $16 off this deal. Then CVS will give you $10 EB if you spend $30 on Lumine products. Limit one.

‰LA Looks $2.49, $1.50 EB, equal 99 cents. Limit four.

‰Listerine Cool Mint, or Zero 500 ml. or PocketPaks 72 ct. $2.99, minus $2 EB Limit 2 50 cent coupon Use two. It’s like getting it for 49 cents a bottle.

‰Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport $7.99, minus $4 EB, minus $1 coupon equals $2.99

‰Real Fit Depends Silhouette three count, $3.99, minus $2 EB, minus $1 mnfr. coupon equals 99 cents

‰Chex Mix $1.99, $1 EB, minus 50 cent off 2 mnfr. coupons.

Rite Aid in Flatwoods would not allow me to stack this week. That’s one that will really hurt.

Extreme Couponing is running again on Tuesday nights on TLC at 10 p.m. This must be with special arrangments with the store as Extreme Couponing is prohibited with most stores. Your coupons also will stop extreme couponing. Most stores will not allow you to line up buggies as different transactions.

Recipe time

Here is another recipe for Thanksgiving from the Tennessee HomeComing Cookbook.

Corn Pudding

10 ears sweet corn (can be from the freezer section)

3 tablespoons real butter

2 tbs all purpose flour

1 pint whole milk

3 egg yolks, beaten

3 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon salt

3 egg whites, beaten

Shave off tips of corn kernels; scrape pulp from cobs. Melt butter and smooth flour into it; add milk, beaten yolks, sugar, and salt. Fold in egg whites. Bake in greased casserole at 350 degrees until firm. About 45 min. Watch closely

If you use canned corn, use 2 cans, drained.

ALDI deal

Everyone in town is talking about the 99 cent potatoes at ALDI. One woman in my class bought seven bags. Add mashed potatoes to your Thanksgiving feast.

You cannot buy good mashed potatoes. Make them by washing 6 potatoes, peel them, dice into a pan of water just covering the potatoes. Put in 1 tsp. of butter to tenderize them as they cook. When fork tender, pour into a collander and drain. Put hot potatoe dices into a bowl with half a stick of real butter. Let it melt. Use a potato masher and mash until smooth. Wash a can of carnation milk, and use about half a can. Now  add ¾ tsp. salt, and use mixer to whip the potatoes.

Serve immediately.

Rich man

I’d like to add a quote from the “Andy Griffith Show. “

Opie asked Andy if they were rich or poor. Andy answered that they had Aunt Bea to make fabulous meals for them, a roof over their head, and Barney for a friend.

“I guess we would be rich,” he answered.

Be thankful and have a great Thanksgiving.