Greenup County Board of Commissioners

The Greenup County Board of Commissioners, pictured above, approved unanimously a first reading of an ordinance requiring Hepatitis A vaccinations for food workers. Photo by Glenn Puit.

Greenup County is one step closer to requiring Hepatitis A vaccinations for all food service workers in the county.

The county Board of Commissioners recently approved the first reading of the ordinance which is based on similar ordinances passed in Ashland and Boyd County. The first reading was approved unanimously by commissioners after Judge Executive Bobby Carpenter said the ordinance takes into consideration exceptions for those who object based on religious reasons. The ordinance calls for a $50 fine for those who don't get the vaccination.

The Associated Press, citing Kentucky Department for Public Health numbers, said there were 1,094 cases and eight deaths from the outbreak in Kentucky as of the first week of July. The agency says 18 counties reported new cases during that week.

Jefferson County, where Kentucky's outbreak began last fall, has the most cases with 525 reported. Most than half of Kentucky's 120 counties have reported at least one case.