FRANKFORT Unemployment rates rose in 83 Kentucky counties between April 2016 and April 2017, fell in 28 and stayed the same in nine counties, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training,

In the FIVCO region, unemployment has risen from last year’s April rate of 8.0 percent to this year’s April report of 8.2 percent.

Some counties in the FIVCO area are reported as some of the highest rises in the state, including Elliott, 10.1 percent; Carter, 9.5 percent and Lawrence, 9.3 percent.

According to April’s unemployment report, Boyd ranked in at 7.4 percent in unemployment and Greenup at 7.7 percent.

Woodford County recorded the lowest jobless rate in the commonwealth at 3.1 percent. It was followed by Shelby, 3.4 percent; Oldham, 3.5 percent; Fayette and Spencer, 3.6 percent each; Scott, 3.7 percent; Jessamine and Warren, 3.8 percent each; and Allen, Boone, Campbell, Henry, Monroe and Washington, 3.9 percent each.

In contrast to the monthly national and state data, unemployment statistics for counties are not seasonally adjusted. The comparable, unadjusted unemployment rate for the state was 4.8 percent for April 2017, and 4.1 percent for the nation.

Unemployment statistics are based on estimates and are compiled to measure trends rather than actually to count people working. Civilian labor force statistics include nonmilitary workers and unemployed Kentuckians who are actively seeking work. They do not include unemployed Kentuckians who have not looked for employment within the past four weeks.

The statistics in this news release are not seasonally adjusted because of the small sample size for each county. The data should only be compared to the same month in previous years.