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February 4, 2013

DISHING THE WEEKLY DIME: Coin flip the best option?

Aaron Snyder
The Independent

ASHLAND — Did you win some money on the Super Bowl coin toss?

You could have also bet on whether or not Beyonce would be showing cleavage during the halftime show. Or who the Super Bowl MVP would thank first: God, teammates, coach, parents or fans.

Did you choose those thoughtful bets carefully?

It’s probably the most gambled-on sporting event in the state aside from the Kentucky Derby.

I couldn’t bring myself to partake. I’ve had terrible luck in the past, so why would that change now?

So I’m certainly not putting a sliver of my savings on a coin toss.

Several local high school basketball teams could profit from the right call of the coin in the coming couple weeks.

All district tiebreakers are determined by a coin flip.  

Is it the best option?  

Aside from playing another head-to-head matchup on a neutral court, yes.

If district tournament seeds hinged upon total points allowed or total points scored inside the district, it would change the way the game is played too radically.

With no shot clock, teams could hold the ball for as long as possible if the tiebreaker was points allowed.

Or, if decided by total points scored, teams could run up the score on a lowly opponent.

What about going to the best record in the region?

That’s an option, but weather cancellations and other factors disallow teams to face the same teams.

So, as funny as it may seem, the coin flip makes the most sense.

“The Dime” will break down the 16th Region in terms of current standings, records inside each district and the importance of district games left on the schedule.  

The Dime

‰64th District (boys): t1. Ashland (4-1). t1. Boyd County (4-1). 3. Fairview (2-3). 4 Rose Hill (0-5). If Boyd County beats Fairview in Westwood on Friday, and Ashland tops Rose Hill today, the Lions and Tomcats will be tied for the top seed.

‰64th District (girls): t1. Ashland (4-1). t1. Boyd County (4-1). 3. Fairview (2-3). 4. Rose Hill (0-5). The girls’ side of the 64th presents the exact same situation as the boys.

‰63rd District (boys): 1. Russell (5-0). 2. Lewis County (3-2). 3. Raceland (3-3). 4. Greenup County (0-6).

‰63rd District (girls): 1. Lewis County (3-1). 2. Greenup County (4-2). 3. Russell (3-2). 4. Raceland (0-5). Lewis County must beat Raceland (Tuesday at home) and Russell (Wednesday at home) to lock up the top seed. Otherwise, Russell and Greenup County can remain players.

‰62nd District (boys): 1. Morgan County (5-0). 2. East Carter (3-3). 3. West Carter (2-3). 4. Elliott County (1-5). West Carter forces a tie with East Carter if it can beat Morgan County this week, but the Comets and Raiders will collide in the district tournament’s first round regardless.

‰62nd District (girls): 1. East Carter (6-0). 2. West Carter (2-2). 3. Morgan County (1-3). 4. Elliott County (0-4). The Lady Lions, along with state leading rebounder Ashley Holbrook (14.6 rpg), have a shot at the third spot if it can knock off West Carter (Monday at home) and/or Morgan County (Friday at home) this week.

‰61st District (boys): 1. Fleming County (5-0). 2. Rowan County (3-2). 3. Bath County (1-4). 4. Menifee County (1-4). If Bath County and Menifee County both win, or both lose, in upcoming matchups with Rowan County and Fleming County, respectively, it will force a coin flip to decide which is the No. 3 seed.

‰61st District (girls): 1. Fleming County (3-1). 2. Bath County (3-1). 3. Rowan County (2-2). 4. Menifee County (0-4). Plenty can still happen here.

‰Rowan County’s boys are just one of many teams suffering from a lack of games due to recent bad weather. The two-time defending region champion Vikings played back-to-back contests against Fleming County and Lewis County on Jan. 28-29. When they host Ashland on Tuesday night, those two will have been the only games played in a span of 16 days.

‰The Point Guard thought about changing his Super Seven to a Nifty Nine for the girls this week. Russell would be No. 8 and Greenup County ninth. The Lady Devils and Lady Musketeers are squads heading in opposite directions at the moment, which was never more evident than on Thursday night. Russell won its third straight game behind solid defense and a good transition game.  

Snyder's Super Seven


1. Fleming County (18-4)

2. Russell (20-6)

3. Boyd County (15-9)

4. Rowan County (13-9)

5. Morgan County (16-5)

6. Ashland (16-8)

7. Lewis County (11-10)  


1. Boyd County (16-6)

2. Ashland (16-5)

3. East Carter (18-5)

4. Lewis County (11-10)

5. Bath County (12-7)

6. Rowan County (12-10)

7. Fleming County (11-9)  

30-Point Club

Lawrence County point guard Taylor Porter set a school record with 47 points in a Lady Dawgs’ blowout of Piarist. Porter has enjoyed an outstanding season, her last one at Lawrence County before heading to Murray State University.

West Carter’s Kyle Brown poured in 37 points in a great effort for the Comets. They stuck closely with Fleming County before the Panthers pulled away late for a 15-point win.

Even amidst an off-shooting night from the perimeter, Lewis County junior Brett Ruckel netted 35 points against Rowan County. He was 13 of 15 from the foul line.  

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