Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

November 3, 2013

Back-to-back hole-in-ones for Lewis, Shaffer

Aaron Snyder
The Independent

BELLEFONTE — In their combined 121 years, neither Debbie Lewis nor Beverly Shaffer had tackled the coveted accomplishment.

That all changed dramatically on a damp day at Bellefonte Country Club.

“I still can't believe it,” said the giddy 61-year-old Lewis on Wednesday, hours after the phenomenon. “It was so crazy.”

In back-to-back swings, Lewis and Shaffer both aced the par-3, 104-yard No. 3 hole during the last club-sponsored outing for nine-hole competition this year.

Both used an 8-iron, and both saw their ball assume similar flight-and-roll patterns.

Bookended by Kim Sutton and Linda Blair in a foursome, Lewis’ hole-in-one came first.

“When I hit, I wasn't sure it went in, but the other girls seemed to be sure,” Lewis admitted. “It kind of hit off the fringe and rolled in.”

After the celebration died down, Shaffer stepped up to her Titleist with her typical thought process.

“I was just hoping to be on the green,” said Shaffer, 60.

She did one better.

The ball plopped onto nearly the same landing point and proceeded to roll directly for the cup. When it rattled in, nestling next to Lewis’ Volvik ball, shock permeated the scene.

“It just kept rolling and rolling and disappeared,” Shaffer recalled. “We just stood around and looked at each other!”

Upon fully realizing what just occurred, they released collective joy.

“We started jumping up and down, hugging and screaming,” Lewis said. “We all went up to make sure. Sure enough, they were both right there win that hole.”

Each lady retained the ball for keepsakes. Everyone in the foursome signed each ball, both of which also have Wednesday’s date etched onto it.

Both Lewis and Shaffer are avid golfers and close friends. They play three or four times a week on average, said Lewis.

Shaffer admits that Lewis is the better golfer of the two.

“I couldn't have asked for a better person to share the moment with,” Shaffer said.

Perhaps the most ecstatic member of the foursome was Sutton who, according to Lewis, posted a recap of the extremely rare moment on Facebook before the group reached the No. 4 tee box.

Lewis said there were 14 people present for a luncheon that followed the event. Most of them couldn't stop the chatter about the aces.

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