Daily Independent (Ashland, KY)

March 9, 2013

Veach moving on to next goals at UPike

Greenup County golfer looking to crack top five

Kyle Hobstetter
The Independent

LLOYD —  When she first started playing, Ashley Veach wasn’t a huge fan of golf. Now the Greenup County senior is taking her game to the next level.

On Thursday afternoon Veach signed a letter of intent to join the Pikeville women’s golf team next fall.

It’s a funny situation for Veach, who started golfing at an early age and in all honesty didn’t like it at first. But after six years of varsity experience, she grew to not only like the game, but knew if she had the chance to play in college, she wanted to take it.

“Starting out I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t care about it as much,” Veach said. “But over the years I really started to enjoy it. And as I continued over the years I really started to enjoy it. I thought if I could (play in college) I would want to.”

Her passion for the game shined through as she was signing, but it wasn’t from a response for an action from Veach.

It was from a quilt made by her grandmother Joyce Bentley. The quilt consisted of T-Shirts from the numerous golf tournaments Veach competed in over the years.

“I’ve accumulated them since seventh-grade,” Veach said. “I asked her if she would make it for me and it’s just really great. I like it alot.”  

Greenup County girl’s golf coach Lou Quillen believed Veach could play at the next level.

Quillen was the one who contacted Pikeville women’s golf coach Nelson Scott, who in return came and watched Veach at a tournament.

He was instantly impressed after that first tournament.

“I was contacted by Ashley’s coach to come watch her play,” Scott said. “When I came and watched her the first time, I knew she could be successful at the next level with us. Moving up to the next level is going be an adjustment, but I think she is going to have the quality and the ability to do it.”

Veach isn’t going to have a problem putting in the work. Through her entire time playing varsity golf, she missed only one tournament she was supposed to compete in.

Even then, she tried to play through illness.

“That’s my dedication when playing in tournaments,” Veach said. “I got sick about half-way through and coach told me if I couldn’t go anymore I didn’t have to. But I tried.”

Quillen said dedication doesn’t just affect her game, she’s dedicated to being a good overall person as well.

“She’s one of the nicest girls,” Quillen said. “If she thought she hurt your feelings, she would go out of her way to try and make it right. She’s just an awesome all-around person — through school, community work...she represents Greenup County High School greatly.”

Signing with Pikeville caps off an extraordinary year for Veach, who finished as the top medalist in the Region 11 Girls Golf Tournament.

Veach also led the Lady Musketeers to the Region 11 overall team title and a trip back to the state tournament.

“That was a real thrill,” Quillen said. “She was not expecting to be the medalist at regional. But that was her goal.

“When she started her junior year she told me she was going to be a medalist. That was her goal and she did it.”

With one goal down, she moves on to her next goal — cracking Pikeville’s top-five

“I hope I get a chance,” Veach said. “My main goal is to play in the top-five.

Scott said with her ability and dedication, he wouldn’t be surprised to see Veach starting for him next season.

“As a freshman if she puts in work in the offseason she could crack it,” Scott said. “The scores I got from some of my girls, she would have the opportunity to be in my top-five.”