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October 15, 2012

MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK: QB can’t win on rivalry weeks

Aaron Snyder
The Independent

ASHLAND — Raceland lost to Fairview on Friday night, and nobody took a more thorough beating than your Monday Morning Quarterback.

Each week, the QB and the rest of The Independent sports staff makes predictions on every game. Every Friday, I get downright ridiculous and try to actually peg the scores of these games.

Of course, the team I don’t pick is never happy with me. And that comes with the territory. I get it.

I can take the ribbing and joking if and when I’m wrong.

When it comes to rivalry games, though, I’ve got to pack along my shield.

It’s still all in good fun (I hope) but the intensity and seriousness level is ratcheted up among you folks out there in reader-land.

To Fairview, I’m sorry. I still can’t “Believe in the Wood,” but I do believe the Eagles are better than I originally expected.

The QB is really looking forward to a repeat regional final with Fairview-Raceland, if it happens.

As for this week, I’ve got to worry about Ashland or Johnson Central.

As of now, I have no idea who I’m going to go with. My rankings would say Central, but my brain’s been known to spin on an unpredictable axis.

Either way, one side will be throwing tomatoes, the other showering praise.

Bring it. I’m ready for it all.

I think ...

Got any since?

‰Fairview had not beaten Raceland three straight times since ... 2002 to 2004. The Eagles have never taken four straight over the Rams.

‰Ironton had not suffered such a lopsided loss since ... 2007. During that season, the Fighting Tigers lost to Olentangy Liberty 56-0. Ironton fell to powerhouse Bishop Hartley, 62-6, on Friday night at Tanks Memorial Stadium.

‰Paintsville had not scored so many points in a loss since ... ever. Nicholas County beat the Tigers, 54-46, on Friday in Paintsville. It was the most points ever scored in a loss for the Tigers.

Helmet Stickers

‰Four stickers: Devon Turner (Fairview), Malik Massey (Ashland), Troy Huffine (Russell).

Turner delivered in beast-mode fashion on Friday night. With more opportunities due to some Eagle injuries, Turner was basically a one-man wrecking crew in the first half. His defensive effort, including one jarring hit that made the QB’s spine tingle from the press box, was about equally as good as his offensive performance (144 rushing yards, three touchdowns). He also made the best catch of the night against Raceland.

Massey was on pace for 12 TDs after his three-score first quarter during Ashland’s win over Greenup County. His production ended there, but it could have been much, much more. Massey ended up with 117 yards on 10 carries to go with his three TDs in his new role as running back, with freshman Quinton Baker out.

Coming off a shoulder injury makes Huffine’s night all the more impressive. The Red Devils senior racked up 132 yards on 14 carries and found paydirt twice in his team’s defeat of Lewis County.

‰Three: Connor Messer (Raceland), Fairview’s offensive line.

‰Two: Armonde Yetts (Fairview), Adam Elkins (Raceland), Caleb McKnight (Fairview), Nick Ruark (Lewis County).

‰One: Tyler Sutton (Ashland), Levi Clark (Lewis County), Hunter Prince (Ashland).

NOTE: The QB did not receive information from the Johnson Central-Rowan County game.


Super Seven

1. Johnson Central (7-1)

2. Ashland (8-1)

3. Fairview (8-0)

4. Raceland (6-2)

5. Rowan County (4-5)

6. Russell (5-3)

7. Boyd County (3-5)

QB’s Quiz

I should’ve given stickers to the fans this week too! I finally got plenty of class participation this past week.

Zak Musick was Lucky Fan 6 for correctly answering last week’s trivia question.

Not an exceptionally difficult week to pick, Musick’s Fairview prediction set him apart from a few of us (not naming any names). He enjoyed a perfect high school picking week.

Last week’s question: Dating back to their first meeting in 1970, how many times have Fairview and Raceland met in the postseason? 

Answer: Twice (2007, 2008). Raceland won both of those meetings.

This week’s question: The last time Johnson Central and Ashland met with neither Jim Matney nor Leon Hart as one’s head coach, who were the coaches of each team? For a fun bonus, when was it?

The first person to answer correctly via email, phone, Twitter or Facebook (at The Independent page) will be named Lucky Fan 7 and will predict winners of games this week along with The Independent staff.

Wide right

Did you miss it? The following are area scores from Friday night: Fairview 40, Raceland 27; Ashland 56, Greenup County 8; Bishop Hartley 62, Ironton 6; Belfry 41, Lawrence County 6; Russell 33, Lewis County 18; Boyd County 35, Magoffin County 8; Mason County 49, West Carter 0; Nicholas County 54, Paintsville 46; Johnson Central 58, Rowan County 14.

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For those guilty of having criticized Fairview’s schedule — I’m one, I’ll admit — the past few years, you may have to find something new about which to complain.

According to Eagles coach Nathan McPeek, Hazard, Pike County Central, Bellevue and Lawrence County have all been added to the slate. Hazard, the 2011 Class A champion, will travel to Westwood in 2013.

A meeting could happen sooner, though, if everything would fall into place for the Bulldogs and Eagles. Fairview and Hazard would meet in this season’s state semifinals if both advance that far in late November.

AARON SNYDER can be reached at asnyder@dailyindependent.com or (606) 326-2664.