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October 30, 2013

ACTC auctioning surplus equipment

File cabinets, pedicure chairs and diesel engines among the offerings

Mike James
The Independent

SUMMIT —  If you are looking for good deals on used pedicure chairs or file cabinets or diesel engines, Ashland Community and Technical College may have what you need.

The college is auctioning scores of items it no longer needs on the govdeals.com website.

Most of the items were replaced when ACTC moved programs to its EastPark campus, when the cosmetology program moved into a new building at the in-town campus, and when the new child care center opened, spokesman John McGlone said.

There are bargains on equipment, shop tools and miscellanea large and small, but take note the auction is “buyer beware” — some things work and some don’t. No guarantees and you move it, which is easy enough for a few file cabinets but more of a chore for a diesel engine from the auto mechanics program.

A couple of the engines weigh around 5,000 pounds, but one behemoth would tip the scales at about five tons, if you could find a scale big enough.

And don’t depend on a fork lift to move it. Auto mechanics instructor Shannon McCarty said when he tried that, the forklift’s rear wheels just lifted off the ground and the engine stayed put.

Many of the items, such as file cabinets, classroom tables, lab tables and cosmetology chairs, are being sold in lots of various sizes.

The items are at ACTC’s Summit campus, from which all but a handful of programs have moved. A walk through the building reveals rows of file cabinets in one room — “the room where old file cabinets come to die,” auction coordinator Kelly Allen said — and a forest of upended tables in another.

Against the wall near the tables are three pedicure chairs with porcelain sinks affixed to the lower part of their upholstered bodies. The chairs are to be sold as a lot. In another room down the hall are dozens more cosmetology chairs with hair dryers attached.

The furniture for sale represents two or three generations worth of ACTC usage and some dates to the 1980s. In some cases older is better, Allen said. The older file cabinets, for instance, are made of heavier-gauge steel and are more durable than those of more recent manufacture.

Among the more unusual pieces of furniture are heavy steel blueprint cabinets with wide flat drawers and lab tables with chemical-resistant tops.

Some items have already sold. Lockers have been hot items, drawing numerous bids, Allen said.

For sale from the carpentry shop are large shop tools, including band saws, planers, table saws and lathes. They are sold as-is, but students in the electrical program will disconnect any that are hard-wired and ensure they are safe for transport.

The auction has been going on for about a week and buyers have come from as far away as Arkansas and Tennessee.

 Before it declares equipment surplus, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System offers to sell it to one of its other colleges, so not all items were placed for auction at the same time. That means there will be different end dates for auctioning items.

On the site, the link to each item or lot will show the end date and minimum bid, as well as photos and brief descriptions.

Terms are pick-up only; ACTC won’t ship or pack for shipment. The college will provide a forklift to assist in moving the item, but hauling it away is up to the buyer.

Descriptions indicate that some items appear to be in working condition, but no guarantees are included.

To find the auction site, go to govdeals.com and, from the search icon at the top of the page, select advanced search. From the drop-down menu near the bottom of the search box, select Kentucky Community and Technical College System from the alphabetical list.

Facebook users can find a link at ACTC’s Facebook page.

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